Campings in Finland

only snow and unusual weather phenomena, but also thousands of lakes, forests and wild nature, unspoiled by human hand. Plan a family vacation at a campsite in Finland!

Aurora borealis just like that!

Aurora is a phenomenon that cannot be experienced in too many countries of Europe. By choosing Finland, you have a chance to see it with your own eyes. Book your camping around Ivalo, Rovaniemi and Kittila. Do not forget to charge batteries in the camera, because there’s too much things worth photographing!

Medieval towns

The advantage of planning a camping in Finland is the fact that you can plan a trip to the past. When in Turk, you can move back in time to the Middle Ages, because the town preserved a lot of monuments of this era. Or maybe you want to visit Helsinki? Even in here you can count on huge amounts of attractions.

Sports, not just winter ones

In Finland you can spend your time actively - many regions have facilities adapted for winter sports, so choose the campsite from which you will be able to easily reach this points. However, before the arrival, work a little on your condition. This country attracts huge amounts of anglers, where they can practice ice fishing.


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