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Although Romania isn’t the most popular holiday direction, you might want to plan there a family holiday at the campsite. This country, from a geographical point of view, has everything you might expect – mountain belts, majestic views, access to the Black Sea and the monuments that were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Magic Transylvania

When planning a vacation, be sure to find a camping in Romania, more precisely in Transylvania. You will find plenty of attractions in here, as well as blood-curdling towns - including the village of Count Dracula! Find out if the legends are true! Also, remember that many monuments located in Transylvania were inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The color and joy

People of Romania don’t know the word "sorrow" – that’s why you should book your camping in the area of Săpânţa, because that's where you'll find one of the most interesting... Merry Cemeteries. You'll see that families have a completely different approach to the issue of death – they also remember about their loved ones, but they make them colorful gravestones and write stories about the deceased.

Or maybe you want to see the biggest city of the country? Book a campsite for your family in the area of ​​Bucharest and see what attractions and sights are waiting for you in this place!


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