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Discover the Scandinavian country overseas and see the natural wealth it offers to its visitors. But do not forget about choosing the best form of accommodation - using the campsite for the family, you provide a location near the main tourist attractions and large cities without spending a fortune.

Aurora borealis or wildlife?

Sweden isn’t only known from snow and icy climate, but also from natural phenomena that cannot be seen in other places! Find a campsite in Sweden in order to witness aurora borealis, or to be close to one of 29 national parks. In this way you keep in mind the picture of glaciers, conifer forests untouched by the human hand or even coral reefs. With our browser you can find a cheap and convenient camping for the family.

Viking cities

Visit the island of Gotland, which was a magical place in the history of the Vikings. At the beginning of August you can take part in the Week of the Middle Ages, which will be a great entertainment for you and your family. Just don’t forget to book a camping in Sweden near the town of Visby!

You should plan your time to visit the cities like Stockholm, Ystad or Lund - these places are dotted with architectural gems, as well as picturesque views.


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Camping - Sweden. Camping Otterbergets Bad & Camping in Sweden

Otterbergets Bad & Camping

  • Camping in Sweden

Otterbergets Bad och Camping is a family camping, surrounded by nature. If you follow the wood path for 150 meters you will discover a beautiful child friendly sandy beach with magnificent views of the Skagern lake, stretching for 1 km. ...


Camping - Sweden. Camping Lits Camping, Cabins and Canoes in Sweden

Lits Camping, Cabins and Canoes

  • Camping in Sweden



Camping - Sweden. Camping Dragsö Camping & Stugby in Sweden

Dragsö Camping & Stugby

  • Camping in Sweden



Camping - Sweden. Camping Stensjö camping & vandarhem in Sweden

Stensjö camping & vandarhem

  • Camping in Sweden



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