Campsite etiquette

When spending holidays on a campsite we surely want to rest and forget about the tumult of everyday life. In every place there're some rules which should be obeyed, so that every visitor could spend a great time. Below we provide some basic rules that are obligatory on a campsite:

  • Say hi to the neighbours
  • Remember that you're not alone there, other people also want to rest
  • Obey the rules
  • Take only the place which was given to you
  • Try to get to the campsite during the day, it will be easier for you to put up a camp and also you won't disturb others
  • Don't disturb other by loud talks or yelling
  • If you want to listen to music, do it in a way so only you can hear it
  • Respect the curfew and let others rest, it’s not forbidden to sit for hours with a bottle of wine, nonetheless you should not allow it to end on a loud talking or feverish discussion on the politics.
  • Limit to minimum driving your vehicle within the boundaries of the campsite
  • Keep the place clean and throw garbage only to appropriate containers
  • If you came to the campsite with your pet, always keep him on a leash (of course, your pupil is the friendliest animal in the whole world but why risk? There's a lot of kids on the campsite who don't know how not to provoke animals)
  • Clean after your pupil