Saving money while travelling


  • In order to reduce costs of fuel it’s best to tank up on gas stations outside highways, or on stations that are a part of supermarket network
  • Try to drive smoothly without unnecessary gear changes and acceleration
  • try to brake with gears
  • Avoid short...., the highest fuel consumption is a first few kilometers
  • If you have a tempomat try to use it as often as possible


  • When it comes to grocery shopping, avoid stores in city centers or campsites, the prices are ususally 20% higher than in suburban supermarkets
  • If you have a big camper and plenty of place in compartments, do a solid grocery shopping, then you will avoid spending money in expensive restaurants


  • Wildsposts are the perfect solution to minimalize the costs of accommodation, and if you find a good place, who knows, maybe it wil turn out to be the best point of your trip
  • Campsites - check the prices and the condititions on every campsite in the area. The prices can differ a lot, and might not equal with the quality


  • If You not travel in hurry, avoid toll motorways. Drive usual routes, save on fees and enjoy the surrounding views.