We usually take a lot of valuable stuff, such laptops, cameras or cash when we go on a longer trip with a caravan. It may be tempting for any kinds of thieves. We should be more cautious when we spend the night in places such wildspots.

Below we provided some advices, things that are worth to know when parking in non-guided areas. Trust your intuition – if a place seem suspicious, better find something else.

  • Never leave valuables on a view.
  • If there are other vehicles, park near them. It’s always safer.
  • Talk with other people who know the parking, ask if the place is safe
  • Leave your car near big cities on guided parking zones
  • Turn on the alarm if you leave the vehicle
  • Always lock the car when you go somewhere, or when you go to sleep
  • Never leave the door open on crowded parkings
  • Documents, credit cards, cash – always carry it with yourself. If you have to leave it in the car, hide it good.