Types of wildspots

Roadside creeks

In the area of lakes, mountains, fjords there are creeks where we can spend the night safely and in the morning eat breakfast in beautiful surroundings

Parkings by the beaches

Parkings located by the beaches are the best place for free accomodation, they are especially loved by water sports enthusiasts. Staying in this kind of place gives the possibility to observe weather conditions and do the watersports like kite-surfing or surfing. Sometimes this kind of parkings are banned for motorhomes, so look for special signs and park legally.

Parkings by the shopping centers

Many big supermarkets allows motorhomes drivers to stay on their parking zones, but only on the condition of parking aside in order not to block place for other cars. It’s worth to ask the service if you can park your car in this area.

Motorway parking places for trucks, so called TRUCK-STOPS

Truck-stops are located by international roads, there’s always a gas station there, and other facilities for truck drivers. Such places also have services where you can change grey water, and fill tanks with clean water.

You have to be aware that trucks need a lot of space to manoeuvre, you cannot block the way for trucks – it surely won’t be nice if a loud horn wake you up in the middle of the night.