Wildspots etiquette

Free parking places for camping vehicles have their own unwritten laws that have to be obeyed. Below we provide a short guide about how to behave in such places.

  • Check if in the place you chose it’s allowed to stay for the night.
  • Park in such way that others can easily drive or park
  • Don’t be noisy, if you want to listen to music do it in a way you won’t disturb others
  • If you need to leave the engine on to charge the accumulator, do it only in a day. You don’t want to disturb people when they eat breakfast in the morning, or sleep.
  • Never use the current generator, if you need a permanent access to electricity, just go to a paid camping, where you will have the connection to power supply
  • Never flush the greywater tank, or empty the toilet in places unadapted to that
  • Always clean after yourself
  • The alcohol – remember that there’s always the possibility that the police will come in the middle of the night and will ask you to change your place.