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Traditional motorhomes have several flaws that cause significant limitations:

  • You can’t park a motorhome in the city. Most often they are directed to special parking lots or campsites outside the city. Therefore, each motorhome user carries bicycles or scooters on a special rack. Thanks to this, he can get to the center and explore the area. It's a bit uncomfortable though.
  • Traditional motorhomes are generally slow and sluggish. They are used just to reach the destination, pitch and come back.
  • In the low season, they are rather useless. It would be really hard to drive to work, to go shopping or, in general, to use it when going to the city.

We have a solution for you: Passenger vans converted into motorhomes!

It has several advantages, thanks to which it exceeds casual motorhomes and caravans. They present as follows:

  • From the outside, our motorhomes look like a normal passenger vans with tinted windows and with all their usage benefits.
  • You may drive and park anywhere in the city (normal motorhomes and caravans are directed to appropriate parking lots outside the city)
  • On the campsite, campervans can stand alone or with an extra pavilion, which (if necessary) may be left on place, while you can explore the area with your van.
  • They are fast and convenient, and consume little fuel (about 8l/100 ON).
  • Thanks to their dimensions, they remain within the range of low fees, just like passenger cars, on highways, ferries, etc.
  • Comfortable, rotated seats mounted inside allow you to cover long distances in a very convenient manner.
  • The vehicle can be used throughout the year! In the summer for traveling around Europe, as well as for charming weekends outside the city. After the season it serves perfectly as the second family vehicle.


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    62-050 Mosina, ul. Szosa Poznańska 2
  • GPS:
    N: 52° 14' 49.17" E: 16° 50' 55.38"
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