"Voyage" version

The car that we chose to convert is a popular 9-passenger bus, refined and produced simultaneously by three companies: Opel, Nissan and Renault.

All these cars are identical, so it's easy to buy spare parts or to do some repairs if necessary. And the prices are quite reasonable. They are so popular due to the fact that they drive like passengers cars. In comparison with the competition, they are more spacious, quieter and don’t consume that much fuel (CDTI 1.9 l engine consumes approx. 8l/100km).

Choosing the model of the bus for conversion, we wanted it to fulfill few requirements:

  • It has be comfortable, neat and affordable, giving family the possibility to use it throughout the year
  • It needs to have such a structure, so we can use the elements of its bodywork to convert the vehicle
  • Its height shouldn’t exceed 2m
  • It has to fit easily in underground car parks and every garage. Besides, it’s much cheaper on many highways, ferries, etc.

What does the conversion include:

The basic version of "Voyage"

  • The insulation of the whole ceiling, walls and doors with special, NZC insulation with closed pores.
  • Even, smooth floor on a soundproof mat. External layer - 3-layer lining with high abrasiveness (used in schools and hospitals)
  • Rotary, comfortable seats with armrests, which can also be used as table chairs during camping. We get a convenient place to sit at the table for at least 4 people.
  • Independent, extensive installation of 12 V power points, with an automatic pulse rectifier (12V 15A) charging and controlling the battery.
  • A complete installation of 230V with 12V/230V 1000W inverter, 3 sockets inside, and a power terminal 230V IN
  • Electronic system that is capable of switching of the power supply 230V automatically (external/inverter)
  • Noiseless heater – Trumatic, with a secure, external combustion circuit
  • Complete gas installation supplying the stove and heater + 5kg cylinder with a regulator
  • Compressor refrigerator with a capacity of 46 l, including the freezer with a capacity of 5 l. Refrigerant R600a 75

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  • Adress:
    62-050 Mosina, ul. Szosa Poznańska 2
  • GPS:
    N: 52° 14' 49.17" E: 16° 50' 55.38"
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