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How to transport a dog or a cat in a car? Useful accessories

A few years ago almost all drivers, who were going on holiday with the dog or cat didn’t have virtually any accessories to choose from. Back in the days, you couldn’t find any information about safe and responsible transportation of pets in the car, not to mention the motorhome. Nobody did not attach too much importance to the conditions in which domestic animals were traveling, apart from drivers who were only concerned about the cleanliness of their vehicles – they used worn out blankets as a “protective” material.

Before departing on a vacation trip we need to get acquaint with the rules governing the transportation of dogs and cats, otherwise we risk a very expensive meeting with the local police – let’s remember that the height of the fine largely depends on policeman, and worse - abroad we have to pay them on site.

Another argument why we should prepare to transport a pet is our comfort and safety. Let’s remember that under no circumstances should you allow the animal to roam around the inside of a car or motorhome. In the event of emergency braking or change of direction pet can be hurt, or can injure passengers.

When preparing for the transportation of pet in the vehicle, it’s worth taking a look at a wide range of accessories that are available on the market. The easiest is find accessories for small dogs and cats – they occupy a minimum of space, what's more - transporters created for them are relatively cheap (prices range between 50-200 PLN (12–49 EUR). Depending on our preferences, we can opt for a product made entirely of plastic, metal or folding, made of a durable fabric. Each of transporters can be carried like a suitcase. While driving, the transporter should be stably put between the seats, and the animal needs to have an access to the fresh air.

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For larger dogs, we must take into account the size of closed transporters. “Cages” made of stainless steel can fit in a German shepherd without any problems. The problem is that the cage won’t pass through the entrance door to the motorhome – it has to be assembled inside. An alternative to the closed transporters are accessories allowing to transport animals on the back seat. To take a proper care of the upholstery you can buy a special mat that tightly protects against all damage. Next, we should obtain braces, which we plug in the buckle of safety belts - the dog will thus be immobilized and can be transported safely.

Let’s remember that in addition to the standard planning of summer trips we also should take care of a dog or cat, which we take with us. By investing a few hundred PLN we can buy some necessary products that meet the requirements of the officials.

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