CMT Stuttgart 2015

Tourist equipment during the CMT exhibition

One of the best ways to search, get acquaint with the current trends and offer on the market of tourist accessories is to attend fairs. Of course, the rich descriptions with detailed photographs of new products can also be found in press or on websites dealing with the subject of holidays. Nothing, however, can match the atmosphere of the fairs, where you can also admire the competitive products.

Trade fairs CMT Stuttgart attracts hundreds of exhibitors each year, not only producers of motorhomes and caravans. This year, visitors can also enjoy a huge range of camping equipment.

Recreation and expedition

Let’s start our tour around one of the largest fairs in the tourism industry in Europe from the "static" equipment, without which you simply cannot go on vacation. I think that before holidays every caravanning enthusiast equips himself with various accessories, both for use inside the mobile home as well as outside it. No wonder that in the exhibition halls we could see many manufacturers of chairs, tables or tents. Virtually every potential client can find the product corresponding to his needs and financial possibilities. CMT presented budget equipment made of cheap aluminum and other metals, as well as several times more expensive products made of carbon fiber and even Kevlar.

Of course, each model is available in different colors. Relaxation on the campsite cannot go do without big garden umbrella or tent - perfect for the evening conversation with friends. Also in this matter, the exhibitors did not fail, bringing to Stuttgart a huge amount of models in different sizes and color configurations. On CMT fairs you could also find accessories for interiors. Chemical toilets, refrigerators, gas stoves - mobile and built-in, audio systems, navigation and any additions needed for installation. A separate chapter were tents, also presented in various sizes. Everyone, according to his expectations, could find a compact tent for 1-2 people, as well as a much larger model for 7 or even 12 people.

CMT Stuttgart 2015

For active people

CMT Stuttgart was also attended by manufacturers of sports equipment. Part for active people gathered a bunch of viewers - especially shows presenting the potential of new models of mountain bikes, MTB or road bikes. What's more - any accessories for cyclists - helmets, saddlebags, wheels and tires were presented as well. Active audience, with the help of professional advisers, could choose the right bike, taking into account not only the color preferences - the choice of frame size is in fact a very important issue.

What’s more, in several exhibition halls we could also find equipment for less popular sports. Golf clubs, clothes, and even water equipment were displayed on several stands at CMT fairs.

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