11 Halcamp Rally

11 Halcamp Rally

Another time the words "doesn`t matter where, it only matters with who” come to be true. Caravanning enthusiasts know that perfectly, when arranging meetings for another rally.

There’re still few months left till May, but amateurs of independent traveling are already counting days. In that month, the 11th Halcamp Rally takes place - though it would be hard to talk about one particular point in case of the "mobile" event. Halcamp Rally is divided into two parts - one will be organized in Szczecin, the second one in Ciechocinek.

Stages of the 11th Halcamp Rally

At the beginning it’s worth to say that all rallies are organized by caravanning enthusiast with the Halcamp company. Participants are contacting each other well in advance via Internet discussion boards - and we are not talking only about Polish people. Opinions about previous rallies can be read, among others, on Russian, Norwegian and Slovakian forums. As we can see, the passion for caravanning and established contacts doesn’t have any borders or language barriers, distance doesn`t matter either.

First stage will take place in the period of 05-13.05.2014 in "Marina" camping in Szczecin (ul. Przestrzenna 23). In the schedule we can find a coach trip to the city center and a visit to The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle. Apart from that, participants will have the possibility to get acquaint with the charms of famous seaside health resorts of Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje.

The second stage will be held in the period of 13.05.2013 - 26.05.2014. Caravanners are meeting at the OsiR Campsite in Ciechocinek (Ul. Kolejowa 4). Sightseeing of the biggest and most famous polish health resort is only one of the choices. Visitors will also have the opportunity to benefit from the base of the Health Clinic "Pod Tężniami". At their disposal they will have steam rooms, herbal bathhouses, dry saunas or infrared cabins. There’s also the only one in Poland crystal salt chamber with brine graduation towers, indoor swimming pool with paddling pool for kids, "Słoneczna łąka" with a place for sun bathing, a tube with cold water and Kneippa paddling pool. And this is barely a fraction of unusually rich amount of facilities and treatments.

Ciechocinek Health & Spa Rally

The organizers of the second stage of the rally desire to show participants the attractions of Ciechocinek. There’s no need to convince anybody that no one will be bored in this Polish health resort. Its symbol are unique brine graduation towers from 19th century, equally famous are fountains, including "Grzybek" , "Żabka" and "Jaś i Małgosia". Places worth seeing also include a mineral water pump room and a Health Park with a bandstand placed in the center.

Rally schedule also includes a trip to Toruń, a city located in the close vicinity (approximately 24 km from Ciechocinek). Moreover, you can visit a place of birth of famous astronomer - Mikołaj Kopernik. Guests will have possibility to see the Old City and a museum "Dom Kopernika".

Undoubtedly a lot will be happening there. It’s worth a visit, and who knows, maybe you will meet the same people on the next rally in Mazury and Gdańsk (12th rally) or Radków (13th rally).

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