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A trip around Poland with Syrena and caravan N-126e

Syrena i przyczepa campingowa N-126 Syrena i przyczepa campingowa N-126 Grzegorz Sroka i Artur Samborski

On Friday, April 25 Grzegorz Sroka and Artur Samborski have set off from Cracow on a remarkable journey – around Poland in 10 days. And it wouldn’t be anything big, if not for the fact that they want to do it in Syrena 105 towing a caravan from Niewiadow.

Syrena 105L comes from 1976. Polish caravan from Niewiadow, which is connected to the car, is younger. In comparison with the age of Syrena, it was produced quite recently because in... 1986.

A great adventure

Two Automotive enthusiasts decided to prove that it’s possible to cover a distance of 3,5 thousands kilometers in 1,5 week in such a unit. They hit the road quite early in the morning on April 25, and they plan to get back to Cracow on May 4.

Gentlemen have announced that they plan to reach the outermost ends of Poland (in the west, east and north of the country). They also want to get to the lowest point – to Żuławy Wiślane (Vistula Lowlands). What’s interesting, Artur Samborski and Grzegorz Sroka intend to avoid the main roads. They want to travel on small, local routes. They will pass through many villages and towns, so it will be easy to meet them, take some photos and cheer them on.

Trunk full of parts

They didn’t decide to go on such an exhibition just like that. They have been enthusiasts of an old automotive for a long time, and they have been driving Syrena for several years. Firstly, they planned to take a trip in the model from 1982, but they didn’t manage to prepare it on time. Fortunately, the 1976 version went through a general overhaul.

Despite this, the authors of the expedition filled the trunk with spare parts, because you never know what may happen when you’re driving Syrena... Many years ago it was called the "Queen of roadsides" because of its almost legendary failure frequency.

Travel back in time

They planned to cover 600 km on the first day, on the second - 500 km. Syrena with caravan can reach a maximum speed of 70-80 km/h, thus traveling in such unit takes more time than travelling in modern cars.

What about the caravan? N-126e is a legendary Polish caravan, the most popular in Poland for decades. It was prepared with a view to Polish Fiat 126P, but it looks great also with Syrena. Looking at this unit, it’s difficult to resist the impression that we have moved back in time.

The expedition, however, was organized absolutely recently, using modern means of communication. You can watch their travel "live" on the map, via the website www.glympse.com. Members of the expedition also have their profile on Facebook: SyrenaDookolaPolski.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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