All in Caravaning 2015

All in Caravaning 2015

Not only Europe is interested in caravanning and tourist fairs are held not only in the old continent. All in Caravaning is one of the most prestigious events of its kind, and is held in China. It will take place on 26-28th of June 2015 in Beijing.

Independent tourism enjoys a growing interest among people, who want to explore the world according to their own plan. More and more often you can attend fairs, where you can get acquaint with new trends in the tourism industry, as well as with technical innovations in the field of tourist equipment. Fairs dedicated to this subject are held not only in the West but also in the Middle Kingdom. On 26-28th of June 2015, in The Beijing Exhibition Center in Beijing will take place the exhibition called All in Caravaning.

All in Caravaning 2015 – the program of events

Regardless of personal views on the political situation in China, we have to admit that this is an economic power that cannot be underestimated. Through the constant pursuit of Chinese society to improve the quality of life, the tourism industry is experiencing a period of intensive development. And it didn’t escape the attention of traders. In response to the growing demand of Chinese citizens for tourist services, they began to prepare offers especially for them, what can be seen at the fair All in Caravaning 2015.

These fairs are advertised as one of the most prestigious events on tourism. In three days, visitors will be able to get acquaint with the offers of exhibitors, among which there’re manufacturers of all types of equipment associated with tourism, ranging from caravans and motorhomes, the equipment, and ending with navigation systems. In addition to a wide range of mobile homes, the latest models of tents and all kinds of plumbing systems will be presented during the event, as well as offers of insurance agencies and companies that specialize in renting caravans.

During the fairs there’ll be a series of presentations, workshops and seminars on the latest trends in the tourism industry. Eminent experts were invited to participate these meetings.

All in Caravaning 2014 - how was it?

Beijing fairs are very popular. In the 2014 years they were attended by 183 exhibitors from 11 countries - apart from China there were also visitors from, among others, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, but also from Slovenia, the USA and Australia. The exhibition area covered nearly 20 000m². Visitors came from all parts of China, South Africa, Mongolia and Thailand, there were also guests from Ireland, Belgium, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

After the fairs, 94% of the exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with participation and 89% of the guests felt that it was worth coming to get acquaint with the offer of exhibitors. The majority expressed the willingness to participate in the next event.