Holi - Festival of Colors

Festival of Colors - Cracow on June 8th 2014

A cloud of colors is floating throughout Poland. The colorful storm mercilessly consumes more cities, leaving behind the memory of crazy fun. Nowy Sacz and Warsaw have already been colored, now the cloud is coming to Krakow.

After taking the American tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day, another "foreign" holiday, Halloween, has settled on the Polish soil. It’s doing quite well, and the views of young people dressed up for ghosts, skeletons and zombies slowly begin to become more ordinary for society. Now it's time for another novelty, which is the feast of spring and joy. Where from it came to Poland?

Philosophy of Holi

It’s Holi, the festival celebrated in India on the occasion of the arrival of spring. It takes place on the approach of vernal equinox, in the month of Phalguna (February-March) and is one of the most joyous and colorful Hindu festivals. Colorful in the literal sense - during the celebration, the participants color each other with a mixture of bright, multi-colored powder, which is supposed to symbolize awakening of the nature. Sprinkling the powders during the festival also symbolizes getting rid of a negative energy. To this tradition the holiday owes its second name - Festival of Colors.

During the ceremony, like on the New Year's Eve at midnight, people are exchanging hugs and treat each other with sweets. Holi is a very nice event, during which all the cultural differences and social divisions disappear. No wonder that it has appealed so much to the Polish youth. In our country, the ceremony is not strictly a celebration, but just a great fun. It takes place later than in India, due to the capriciousness of the climate - our spring isn’t warm enough to be able to afford such a crazy fun.

Festival of Colors in Cracow

Polish Festival of Colors took the form of a cyclic event, gradually joined by other cities. In 2013, it was held at the Woodstock Festival in Wroclaw and twice in the capital. This year the mutual party will be held in Nowy Sacz, Warsaw, Lublin, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz and Wroclaw.

Several cities have already hosted this party. But still some are slowly preparing for the event - Krakow, and more precisely Krakow’s Blonia Zabierzowskie. Festival of Colors starts on June 8, and exactly at 6:08 pm the blaze of colors will explode in the air. You can get the colors of Holi on the spot, if come early enough. They can also be purchased at stands located at Blonia.

The gates will be opened at 3:30 pm. The participants of the event can enjoy, among others, free hugs, bubbles and musical flash mob. Among the bands that will play during the festival are Chameli Group, Coria, Raggabarabanda and Lagodna Pianka. The after party starts at 9:00 pm in DIVA Music Gallery.

During the festival, the parking lot will be available at the entrance from the street Krakowska. Admission to the event is free.

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