Halcamp-Rally in 2015

Although there’re still few good months till summer, enthusiasts of caravanning are already planning their new trips. Those, whose passion is to spend time surrounded by the beauty of nature and nice people, with whom they share a common interest, should definitely look at the page There they’ll find some interesting proposals of rallies organized by the Circle of Caravanning Enthusiasts from HALCAMP Company.

During the meetings, you can get in touch with caravanners of different clubs - with each year more and more people are involved in rallies. It’s not surprising, because the atmosphere is great, and every meeting brings a whole bunch of new experiences, contact with culture, history, nature, and the opportunity to taste regional dishes.

A little bit of HALCAMP-RALLY history

HALCAMP-RALLY is already an annual tradition. The first took place in 2006 in Polanica Zdrój, and it was attended by 102 crews. The meeting was so successful that a year later, in Kudowa Zdrój, they held an event where teams from various countries met - Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Further rallies were organized, among others, in Wrocław, Bolesławiec, Władysławowo, Ciechocinek and Krakow, as well as in Pisz, Malbork, Szczecin, Gdansk and Radkow. In short, in whole Poland.

If something is nice, why not repeat it? Two rallies are always better than one rally. In 2009, the organizers decided to put it into effect and thus caravanning enthusiasts could spend time together in Świdnica, and then in Krakow. The idea turned out brilliant, what's more, with time it has grown into 3 stages. In 2013 HALCAMP-RALLY participants took part in the rally Wladysławowo-Ciechocinek-Krakow. Time passes quickly when you’re surrounded by great people, so who knows, maybe in the future even 4th stage will emerge?


In 2015, the Circle of Caravanning Enthusiasts organizes 3 meetings. 15 HALCAMP-RALLY will be held in Radkow (25-29.05.2015), Wroclaw (29.05-04.62015) with a finish in Krakow (04.6-11.06.2015). Stage 1 will begin immediately after the 54th Europe Rally (21-25.05.2015) in Swidnica as 2. Polish-Czech Rally involving teams from other countries. At a distance of approx. 60 km from Swidnica, in the vicinity of the Table Mountain National Park and Wambierzyce, participants will taste regional dishes and watch folk performances. They will also have the opportunity to visit the Lower Silesian spas.

In Wroclaw (the base will be Camping no. 117) rally participants will visit the most interesting places and monuments, including the Cathedral Island and the Japanese Garden, see the Panorama of Racławice Battle and Afrykarium, very unique in the world scale. Visitors can also participate in a bus tour to Wojsławice Arboretum and Książ Castle.

Stage 3 will be held in Krakow (Camping 171, "Krakowianka"). Apart from the attraction of the Old Town, rally participants will take part in Dunajec rafting and in Wieliczka Salt Mine tour.

In the middle of holidays, 16 HALCAMP-RALLY will take place, and will be organized in Pisz (17-25.07.2015) and Gdansk (25-31.07.2015). Pisz location of the rally, camper park Hotel "ROŚ" became very popular among the crews involved in previous meetings. During the rally, visitors will be able to participate in the bus tour around the Region of Mazury Lakes - water enthusiast will be delighted with the local landscapes.

Stage 2 will be based in camper park of Gdansk University of Technology, located approximately 20-minute of walk away from the old town. Gdańsk hides a number of attractions for participants, including the harbor and Westerplatte, to which they will get by the Galleon “Pearl” or “Lion”. They will also visit Sopot to see the pier, Monciak and Forest Opera.

17 HALCAMP-RALLY will be organized in Krakow during 02-09.09.2015. It will be held in the place of 3rd stage of 15 HALCAMP-RALLY, and it will be an international event - with the participation of crews from Norway.

How to enroll?

You can join a number of stages or only the chosen ones. Prices vary depending on what attractions rally participant want to attend. As a part of fees, participants get a place for a motorhome or caravanning set (car with caravan) with access to electricity, showers and toilets, as well as care and counseling from organizers and sets of materials about the area and some rally gifts.

The organizer provides every further information. If you are interested, please submit the will to receive e-mail notifications for more information please visit

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