Festival of colours

Holi Festival of Colors 2015

Polish festival of colors is getting closer. A few (or more?), cities will throb with joy, and a huge cloud of Holi powder will turn all of them into a great dance scene. It will be loud and colorful.

It all began on 29th of June, 2012 in Berlin, and quickly spread to other cities, and then to other countries. In Poland, some people treat it like another frivolous idea of young people seeking for entertainment. Just throwing a colorful powder at each other. There were also those, who saw it as a threat to tradition - because it has its source in the celebration of spring in India. Meanwhile, the Festival of Colors (Holi One) is simply a lot of fun, becomes more and more popular, and each year more cities join the party.

Festival of Colors 2015

Festival of Colors is a joyful, spontaneous event, for which thousands of people have been preparing for a long time. It can be seen in social networks – people willing to participate in it encourage visitors to share information about the event, there are also videos of the festivals of Holi One from abroad. There you can watch accounts from parties in colorful clouds and see the amounts of powder sprinkled in the United States and, of course, India.

Last year, the Festival of Colors was organized in 10 Polish cities. How it’ll look like in 2015? We already know that the event will be held in Torun, Lublin, Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw, Lodz, Mrzezyno, Poznan and Trojmiasto. There’s still time for other cities to apply, so who knows where else you will be able to party amidst the clouds of colorful powder.

It’s worth remembering that Colored Powders Holi are totally made from natural ingredients. Festival organizers recommend only the colors that have the necessary certificates (safe for health).

Events for positively crazy

Colorful party isn’t just about throwing thousands of powders into the air. As in previous editions, this year's colorful party will be accompanied by music. You’ll be able to attend concerts conducted by local DJs. There’re no restrictions when it comes to age, beliefs, religion or sex. The only requirement is a positive attitude, smile and willingness to have fun with by equally nice people.

Participation in the festival is free of charge. So far, the majority of people declared their participation in the Festival of Colors in Krakow (50 000 thousand participants), Katowice (46,000) and Warsaw (40,000), but other cities are not far behind. Summer will be colorful!

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