Motor Show Poznań 2014

Motor Show Poznań 2014

The biggest Polish automotive fair - Motor Show 2014 will be attended by 100 000 people - at least that’s how the organizers assume. Within four days of fair, you will be able to visit expositions of 200 exhibitors. Once again, the automotive exhibition will be accompanied by additional exhibitions: motorcycle and caravanning.

Enthusiasts of motorhomes, caravans and people interested in touristic accessories shouldn’t miss this year's Caravanning Exhibition. Their expositions will present, among others, Euramobil (German manufacturer of motorhomes), McLouis (Italian manufacturer of motorhomes), Burstner (German manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes), Niewiadów (Polish manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes) and Caravelair (French manufacturer of caravans).

There’re also going to be the expositions from brands like 2N-Everpol , Auto Caravan, Camp Rent, Caravan Center, Caravans International, Caravans Mika, Cargo, Castor, Dometic Poland, Ebac, Elcamp, Hobby- Smolicz, Loycon, Meva-Pol, Nachtman, Pla- Yes, Polcamp, S -Camp, T5 Camper and Wadowscy.

Four wheels adherents, right in Poznan will have a chance to see breathtaking vehicles for the first time, including Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli and Grand Turismo. As for the model Ghibli in diesel version, it will be a Polish premiere.

Model Macan will appear on the exposition of Porsche – it’s a SUV with four-wheel drive. Porsche is literally trying to connect water with fire with this model, giving this off-road vehicle the features of a sports car. Macan will presumably appear on our roads petty soon, on the contrary to the model Wraith from Rolls-Royce, where the only possibility will happen on the fairs in Poznan. Model Ghost EWB, which is a business limousine with two-tone bodywork, will also be presented, as well as a very interesting coupe version of Phantom.

Motor Show 2014

Among the cars that are a little bit more accessible to our pockets it’s worth to mention BMW 4 Series Convertible. Characteristic grille with diode headlights create a very sharp front. Wide wheelbase and long bonnet, just like the wedge silhouette of the car, underline the sporty character of the vehicle. This car, however, distinguishes not only with the appearance and dynamics, but also... low fuel consumption and low fumes emissions.

For the first time at the Motor Show you will be able to visit the exposition of the brand Infiniti. The biggest hit is going to be the Polish premiere of the model Q50, with a 3,5-liter hybrid engine. The car is stuffed with intelligent electronics, therefore should appeal to gadget enthusiasts.

In Poznan, you will also have a chance to see new Jeep Cherokee. After the first presentations in press, not too many people were convinced by its looks. But it’s best to see for yourself, what impression the flagship model of Jeep makes. This vehicle will appear in Europe in the second quarter of the current year. The basic drive unit is the economic, 2,0-liter turbo diesel engine with 170 HP, connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes will show two new things. The first of them is model S Coupe - a combination of sporty dynamics and luxury. This car simply couldn’t lack in seats with massage. Mercedes wants to convince us that those from S Coupe are truly exceptional...

The second novelty is Mercedes V - we are already wondering, how to convert it into a camping vehicle. Apparently, one important element is already present- interior lighting provides an ambient light and particularly pleasant atmosphere.

Motor Show Fairs will be held on 27-30.03, but the first day is exclusively for the media representatives. Tickets for one entry on Friday, Saturday or Sunday costs 17 PLN (about 4 EUR). There are also family tickets that cost 13 PLN per person (family must consist of at least three persons).

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2014.03.21 16:11
Yeaa BMW rlz. But do U have money for this cars.. ? Please, this is too expensive:(
2014.03.21 16:09
@Marta - Come and see, next week ;-)
2014.03.21 16:06
Mercedes, BMW, Porsche - German brand top as always :-)
2014.03.21 16:00
Awesome! You write more about this event?