Tatra Mountains

Slovak investor is building a SKI RESORT in Poland

All indications are that in the near future Szczyrk's Ski Resort can be easily called the most modern of its kind in Poland. The area ​​interested a Slovak  investor, who plans to implement a plan of modernization that has proven itself  in his country.

In the spring of 2014 Tatry Mountain Resorts a.s.-an investor from Slovakia, bought a 97 percent stake in Szczyrk's Ski Centre. Activities have already been carried out, that were aimed at surveying the inventory of all slopes and lifts, which currently exist, as well as land for the planned slopes and the railway line. For modernization to be possible, amendments to the local zoning plan and development study would be needed. Work on the creation of improved versions of these documents started in late August and continues to this date.

Szczyrki Ski Resort today

Tatry Mountain Resorts a.s. plans to modernize the SON based on a model that has already proven itself on its home territory - has been tested in the ski stations in the Tatra Lomnica and Jasna Chopok. After completion of the analysis and determination of the modernization plan, the next step is to regulate all leases issues of land on which the resort will operate. What goes with it, it will be necessary to determine the conditions of new long-term agreements. Slovak sponsor plans to close the issue of finalizing the procedural work until mid 2016 to allow implementation of the construction activities in the year after.

Currently Szczyrk's Ski Resort has 19 km of slopes, of which 54% is covered by snowmaking. There are 13 ski lifts, and the total capacity is less than 10,000 persons per hour.

The modernization plans of SON

The investor plans to first expand and remodel part of the route. He wants to increase their length - up to nearly 22 km, of which blue would be 16 km, 4 km of red and black- 2 km . The lighted route will increase in length by over 5.5 km. A modern snowmaking system will be created, and it will cover 81% of all routes, therefore more than 17.7 km.

Most changes are planned in the building of the new ski lifts. Four ski lifts are to be created,   gondola with a 10-passenger carriages and also four 6-passengers and one 8-seater sofa. The project will increase the capacity of the lifts nearly twice - up to 18,200 people per hour.

There will be a specially dedicated area for children, the plans also included a modern snow park, three après ski bars and three restaurants with the ability to support 750 people at the same time. For Skrzyczeńskiej Hall a construction of an event zone is planned, with facilities allowing the organization of all seasonal events.

For lovers of skiing (and not only) will await four car parks with a total capacity of over 1500 cars. What is important – they are to be free of all charges. I wonder if the Slovaks will take care of special parking spaces for motor homes, where you will be able to connect electricity and empty the tanks.