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Starting the trade fair year with the Arto, Flair and Smove - en

Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH will be on display with ten models from three construction series from 14th to 22nd January 2017 at the CMT in Stuttgart. Over an area of 810 square metres, booth B32 in hall 3 will prove the centre of attraction for motorhome fans looking for something special regarding driving characteristics, comfort, equipment, design and colour. The full range of Niesmann and Bischoff’s diversity will be displayed over the course of the nine trade fair days. The Smove, the youngest member of the Niesmann+Bischoff family, will be exhibited in two different models. The idea behind the design is the development of a low profile motorhome which can be realised in a slim, manoeuvrable construction weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes, and yet which still has the appearance of a big liner. Therefore, the new Smove, the name of which is a combination of the words “smart” and “move”, offers many different equipment options in the same way as its big brothers, Arto and Flair.

Can be driven by those holding a Class B driver’s licence

In contrast to these big liners, the Smove design is kept to a length of 6.9 or 7.4 metres. Inside, drivers can find a floor space of 13 to 14 square metres and a spatial concept that will also remind them of a large liner. As the Managing Director of Niesmann+Bischoff, Hubert Brandl, says: “Through the use of moulded parts as the inner cladding of the B-columns, the Smove achieves a maximum width measurement in the transition from the living space to the cab”. There is a multitude of special equipment offered as part of the range which is completely new for a low profile vehicle – such as, for example, a fixed gas tank, an underfloor air conditioning unit, hot water floor heating or the electrically-operable panoramic roof which can also be opened when travelling. Optionally, the Smove is also available with a permitted total weight of 4.5 tonnes. However, because it is also available under the 3.5-tonne weight limit, it can be driven by those with a Class B driver’s licence – that is a great advantage, above all also for beginners. At the CMT, the Smove can be seen with two floor layouts: as the 7.4 E with a 180 PS engine and single beds, and the 150 PS 6.9 B with a transverse bed and white exterior paintwork.   

Awarded with a German Design Award

In addition to the Smove, the motorhome design specialists from Polch will exhibit the Flair – in the form of the 830 LE, 880 BE and 920 LE models, as well as various equipment options in triple design and with champagne-coloured exterior paintwork. In this way, visitors to the Stuttgart trade fair will be able to view the Flair, a “Winner” of the German Design Award 2017. The international jury of experts awarded the liner for “outstanding design quality” in the Transportation category. Exclusively those products are invited to enter the awards which verifiably differentiate themselves from the competition through their design quality. This year, the jury were presented with more than 4,000 submissions. The year before, the Arto also enjoyed success – with a “Special Mention” for particularly successful specific design aspects. At the CMT, visitors will be able to experience the Arto in the layouts 72 L, 76 L, 76 E, 79 R and 88 EK. The Arto 88 EK is currently proving to be a real bestseller. The layout – as a reaction to the feedback from many Arto fans – features an enlarged work area in the kitchen, which is also optionally available in mineral surface material.

About Niesmann+Bischoff

Niesmann+Bischoff GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of exclusive motorhomes. The company headquarters and production site are located in Polch in Rhineland-Palatinate, where 200 staff are employed to date. Currently, more than 500 luxury liners of the Arto and Flair series are produced annually. Every luxury liner undergoes individual value enhancement from planning to final inspection. Niesmann+Bischoff has been part of the Erwin Hymer Group since 1996.


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