KN EBike

The e-bike to match the own motorhome or caravan

KNAUS and WEINSBERG present own e-bikes at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2015

Electric bicycles are an ongoing trend. But new is that more and more young people are converting to e-bikes. Following this trend, Knaus Tabbert GmbH (, one of the leading manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes in Europe, is announcing an exclusive cooperation with the premium e-bike brand BESV ( at the upcoming Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Beside motorhomes, van conversions and caravans, the two corporate brands KNAUS and WEINSBERG will be offering own e-bikes from now on. The PS1 KNAUS as well as the CF1 WEINSBERG received a special configuration, which aim to facilitate the storage in and on recreational vehicles, without compromising function or ride. The e-bikes will be offered exclusively by both brand’s authorized retailers for 3.499€ (PS1 KNAUS) and 2.299€ (CF1 WEINSBERG).

PS1 KNAUS – ultralight and storage with ease

The BESV PS1 is a compact, ultralight full-suspension carbon e-bike (sub 17kg), equipped – in the specialized KNAUS-version – with foldable pedals and a tool-free 90degrees rotatable bar. Therewith the electric bike gets easier to store and transport. Size and weight of the e-bike even allow transport on a towing car’s roof, as it is common practice for caravan owners. A spacious klick-on bag on a sturdy rack completes the exclusive KNAUS modifications.

CF1 WEINSBERG – extremely robust, for highest demands

The BESV CF1 WEINSBERG received flat foldable pedals and a one-hand rotatable 90degrees bar solution as well. The e-bike just weighs 22kg - thanks to its light and extremely strong aluminum construction and various newly developed components - and is therewith compatible to a variation of standard rear carrier systems. The CF1 WEINSBERG is a very durable e-bike, which will particularly fulfill the highest rental business and long-term user’s demands. This is the reason why important components, like battery, controller, interface and headlight were integrated into the strong single tube frame, which perfectly protects them from burglary, vandalism and the elements. An integrated cable lock and a sturdy rear rack complete the useful setting.



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