The Coolest Cooler

The fridge has found sponsors

Coolest Cooler is a portable refrigerator, which probably is the first thing of this kind. Its creator has acquired 60000 supporters in the Internet, who had paid 13,285,226 $ in 52 days. It’s the best result in the history of Kickstarter.

On the one hand you can say - much ado about nothing. At the end, there’re so many tourist refrigerators on the market, and one more model won’t make too much difference. But is it really true?

Coolest Cooler looks pretty good, and stylized inscription refers to a vintage style – it has to look old-fashioned. Refrigerator capacity is 60 liters, and inside there’re two chambers. But not the capacity and not the interesting design are the most distinguishing features of the device. What’s surprising is the functionality that goes far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary refrigerator.

Refrigerator, which crushes ice

Coolest Cooler has a built-in blender. You just have to insert the supplied container in the appropriate slot on the refrigerator’s case to run the mixer being able to prepare a fruity cocktail, and even to crush ice. The fridge and blender is a good combination, because a cold drink with ice is perfect for a picnic during a hot day.

The blender uses an 18 V battery that powers it. Because the fridge is equipped with a USB, you can use this power supply to charge your cell phone. Charger, just like the fridge, is waterproof, so you can use it also by the water.

Hot rhythms

But that’s not all. So the relax could be really pleasant, the fridge is equipped with speakers that communicate with your phone via Bluetooth. So when you're lying in a hammock, you can just choose music from your phone, point it at the refrigerator, so that can start to play sounds in good quality.

Fridge can be used even as a luggage cart. This is possible not only because it has wide wheels enabling to pull it on the beach, but it was also equipped with a system of hooks, so you can attach the luggage to it.

“Have-it-all” set

You think that’s all? If so, you are mistaken. After opening the refrigerator, it appears that the lid is equipped in a set consisting of six plates and a knife - all made ​​of plastic. The lid can also be used as a cutting board, while on the side of the fridge was placed even a bottle opener.

Fridge’s cover has a LED strip, so it’s easy to use also in the evening.

Two time’s the charm

Ryan Grepper created his first prototype of refrigerator with speakers and blender 10 years ago – then the device looked more like a radio-type boom-box than a fridge. In December 2013, Grepper presented the refined version of his product on the website Kickstarter. It’s a place, where anyone can submit their projects and ask Internet users for help, proposing an interesting rewards (eg. A t-shirt, a discount on the finished product or the right to decide on the final shape of the product).

Social financing (crowdfunding) didn’t worked out then. But that didn’t discouraged the initiator. He refined his product and asked Internet users for help again in the summer 2014. This time, the donations exceeded 13 million dollars, though the designer was expecting only 50,000 dollars!

The fridge will cost a maximum of 299$. It’s supposed to come into production next year.

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2014.09.18 09:34
You could buy it while it was on kickstarter - now you have to wait untill they produce it and will be available in shops (i think couple of years)
2014.09.17 09:58
Where can you buy this refrigerator?
2014.09.16 13:20
Awesome fridge!!! and this blender - LOVE IT!!!