ViaAUTO - faster highway tolls in Poland

ViaAUTO, is a system analogous to viaTOLL, but for passenger cars. Thanks to the ongoing promotions and indication of special lanes for users, after two years of very low interest in this system, the device begins to evoke emotions.

What do systems ViaAUTO and viaTOL have in common? They provide the ability to make electronic payments for using highways. In the case of ViaAUTO you have to charge the device firstly or transfer money on the associated account, so that later you can easily pass through highways without stopping at tollbooths. We don’t have to waste our time standing in queues, taking out the wallet, waiting for change or credit card acceptance. It’s simple and convenient - at least in theory.

In practice, the system applies only to highways A2 and A4 managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways. In the future, ViaAUTO is also going to operate on highways of private operators, but firstly all operators should either come to an agreement, or the necessary amendments will be enforced by regulations. The current government declares a desire to spread electronic payment on the highways, but... their deeds will prove their intentions.

From 15th July to the end of summer on the highways encompassed by the system ViaAUTO there’s a promotion, thanks to which the toll equipment can be bought for 100 PLN (25 EUR), of which 50 PLN already constitutes the first feed. As a result, the client receives ViaAUTO for 50 PLN, and additionally 50 PLN of feed. Outside the promotion, the device itself costs 135 PLN (33 EUR).

The beginning of promotion coincided with the opening of special lanes for handling the electronic payments. They were created in the vicinity of Konin and Strykow (highway A2) as well as Gliwice and Wroclaw (A4). In addition to lanes dedicated for trucks using the system viaTOLL, there were also created lanes for passenger cars. Drivers don’t have to stop, but just slow down to 20 km/h.

As a result of this change, the capacity on lanes dedicated for users of viaAUTO is expected to increase from 120 to 280 cars per hour.

The appearance of the lanes and the introduction of price promotion resulted in a sudden increase of interest in the system ViaAuto. Queues start to appear at gas stations near the tollgates, there’re even separated stands only to serve ViaAuto and ViaToll customers. In the early days of the campaign more than 2 000 devices were purchased, and the total number of drivers who pay electronically for highway exceeded 10 000.

What’s important, the device supporting ViaAuto system isn’t assigned to a specific car, which means that you can use them in different cars. Such solution is good both in case of families that have several cars, as well as small businesses. ViaAUTO is mounted on the windshield of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the fees charged by ViaAUTO cannot be invoiced. Also, checking the current state of the device charge could be a problem. It’s only possible through the hotline.