Vintage Caravan Style book

Vintage Caravan Style - a caravan of your dreams

Lisa Mora - Australian, traveler and journalist has published a book Vintage Caravan Style this year. This practical guide will interest mainly those people, who are fascinated with old caravans, and more precisely with their renovation. Valuable tips, inspirations, various projects and over 350 pictures - a proposal worth checking.

Shabby chic, rock & roll and glamor

Lisa Mora is a passionate, who in 2011 founded "Vintage Caravan Magazine" the UK, which enjoys quite a considerable popularity. She got a proposal from the publisher David & Charles to write a book and – as she says in interviews – she agreed, because she wanted to use her extensive collection of photographs that she’s accumulated during many trips. The visual side is actually one of the main advantages of publication. The photographs show old, restored caravans (mainly from the 50’s and 60’s). There we can admire: glamor style, shabby chic, rock & roll, retro, there’s also a charming kitsch, which is undeniably the most favorite style of the author. The book consists of eight chapters, in which, among others, Mora presents a brief history of caravanning, advises how to choose and buy the right old caravan, presents various stages of restoration, as well as ways of decorating and arranging caravans.

A caravan with personality

Although in Vintage Caravan Style we can also find a handful of automotive information, it’s mainly about aesthetics. The author emphasizes that own ideas and personal touches that make the caravan reflects the personality and interests of the owner are the most important. Mora tries to convince that caravans are the best (even if they are no longer effective) places to rest, relax or simply to live in (author uses them in this way for years). To restore their former glory and style, sometimes it’s enough to select appropriate colors and original accessories (awnings, cushions, blankets, curtains, tables, etc.). Renewing caravans doesn’t have to be associated with high costs, some of the work we can do on our own (eg. the upholstery) while accessories we can buy on flea markets or on sales.

Feminine caravanning

The author also describes caravanning fans group, putting an emphasis on women particularly. We can find, for example, a few words about glamping (a combination of words glamorous and camping), which is a specific form of camping with a touch of luxury. This new trend is gaining more and more popularity around the world, and Mora recognizes this as a result of activities, such as women's clubs Sisters on the Fly. According to her, the contemporary caravanning is largely the domain of women, who are looking for freedom and adventure, as well as some form of female solidarity.

Vintage Caravan Style is an option for those, who are looking for ideas and inspiration, and nostalgically recall the caravans from 50’s and 60’s and dream of their own, original version. Guide (in English) can be found in the online shop Amazon (available in PDF format and in hard copy).