1001 trinkets in caravan or camper

I you’re going to a camping, especially if it’s your first time, you should carefully check if you have all necessary things in your camper or caravan.

This time we won’t analyze the basic equipment which is related to the heating and cooling system. These elements were certainly taken care of much earlier. However, you might forgot about the trinkets. It may turn out that the lack of something, what you think isn’t that necessary, will cause a lot of problems on the campsite.

First of all, you scan’t forget about the elements that you should always have with you during long trips. These include a tow hook, first aid kit, warning triangle, tool kit, flashlight, and snow chains, which are essential during the trips to the mountains in winter. A pump for tires will also be very useful.

Secured kitchen

Other accessories may be less obvious. Pots, dishes and cutlery will be useful in caravan. Good, if the plates and cups are made ​​of durable materials, such as melamine. It’s good to have appropriate containers for them, so that dishes and cutlery won’t move around. On the market there’re many types of special locking for plates.

There’re also practical holders for glasses that allow you to carry them in the vertical position "upside down". You can also take a special cases for bottles. Thanks to them, even the ones which are put close to each other won’t break during travel. Cup and bottle holders will be good as well - even if they are partially filled and opened, the content shouldn’t spill while driving.

You should have a garbage can in your camper or caravan. If you want to save as much space as possible, you can buy a frame, on which you only put a foil bag. On the other hand, if a bucket serves as a garbage can, it may also be useful in other situations, such as when washing the caravan.

Depending on what kind of access to electricity you have, you should consider buying a device with a 12V power socket. If you have only this type of power, appropriately adapted dryer or kettle may come in handy.

What else should you think of? Some of the sanitary devices in caravan or camper may require specific chemicals. You should equip yourself in them before you go.

For sun and rain

If you want to travel with small children, something, which will protect children from falling out of bed will be very useful. It’s especially important if your kids are going to sleep on top of the camper - under the roof.

TV will be useful on a cloudy days, but you have to equip yourself with an antenna and mast. Good, if the mast is folded and you can turn it around the axle from the inside of the vehicle or caravan. On the other hand, on sunny days it’s good to have curtains or roller blinds which will protect the interior from strong sun. A multi-layer insulation mat is a great solution too. Thanks to that, the caravan or car won’t heat up.

If you have the bathroom in your vehicle, anti-slip mat will be very useful. If you take a lot of luggage, think about transportation belts, which will secure the load, preventing it from moving around the vehicle.

Wheel chocks are important during parking, they will immobilize your vehicle. The parking sensor can help, the best is the one that shows the distance to the obstacle. Driving with a caravan will be much easier, if you install additional side mirrors.