6 free Apps for drivers

We present 6 applications for smartphones that can be useful not only when you go on vacation. We took into account only free programs. Most of them also have more developed, paid versions.


It’s one of those interesting Polish applications for drivers, which in addition can be used as car navigation. Its main purpose is to warn about police cars, speed cameras, accidents and traffic jams. Thanks to Yanosik, we can avoid the congestions and possible fines.

The application has a social character – it means that drivers themselves notify others, when they see a threat. The program is free. However, we can buy the entire device, which will facilitate the reporting of visible events (by pressing a button), and receive information about the situation on the road. The set for about 500 PLN (Approx. 121 EUR) has also an annual internet access, which is necessary to use all system possibilities. A competition for Yanosik is Coyote.

Find My Car

Applications such as Find My Car, Car Locator, or MyCar Locator intend to remind us... where our car is. It may seem funny, but only until we leave the car at the big parking lot or go for a long walk in an unknown city.

Using the location-based applications, we have to remember to firstly use the app to a mark a virtual place, where we have parked our car. Thanks to this, we’ll find the parking lot without any difficulties (using GPS on our smartphone). Both paid and free locators are available.


Torque Lite and Torque Pro are diagnostic programs with huge possibilities. To use them, you must purchase a bluetooth adapter ELM/OBD. It’ll enable your smartphone to communicate with the engine. Why? To get (and possibly reset) the error codes from the on-board computer. As a result, without visiting the workshop you’ll learn what happens to your car.

The first application is free. The paid version (about 15 PLN – approx. 3,5 EUR) has more functions and should work in most gasoline cars manufactured after 1996, and diesels – manufactured after 2004 (in cars that support the OBD 2 system). The paid version allows, among others, to measure the power and torque of the engine, and when connected to the camera – to create a black box of the vehicle (registration of the last-minutes of drive). Most important, however, are the developed diagnostic functions.

Other apps, such as Dash, also provide the possibility for smartphones to communicate with on-board computer.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving

This application uses a technique called augmented reality. Just put the phone next to the windshield, and it begins to warn us when we approach another vehicle too close, or when we suddenly change lanes. It works both on the road and when parking.

The application uses the smartphone's camera and GPS technology. The program maps the objects in front of the driver in a real time, calculating the current vehicle speed using native sensors. When the vehicle gets too close to a particular object, a visual warning appears.

The program also features a parked vehicle locator. Simplified version is free. The full version costs about 17 PLN (Approx. 4 EUR).

EcoDrive Free Speedometer

The application created to learn drive ecologically, and above all economically. The program uses the GPS receiver.

Based on the speed of the car and the method of acceleration, the app calculates the efficiency of movement. It advises the user, in which situations it’s possible to reduce fuel consumption and how to improve the style of driving.

CB Radio Chat

This application resembles a traditional CB radio, but uses the Internet to transmit the sound. Though you can communicate with people from all over the world through it, it also allows you to limit the range to the immediate area.

CB Radio Chat offers a variety of channels divided into themes and applications. The program works like a walkie talkie (shortwave radio) - to talk, just press the virtual button.

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