Caravan for cyclists

A caravan for cyclists

A caravan for a bicycle is an idea on the one hand pretty crazy, while on the other – more and more popular among home-grown DIYs.

Pulling a caravan with a bike is hardly convenient. Both going uphill with a small house connected to a single track, as well as going downhill, while the caravan pushes bike, can cause difficulties. Nonetheless, the idea of ​​a simple bicycle caravan still returns, because such solution would allow for really cheap and surely fascinating travelling.

Therefore, the models of bike caravans from time to time appear on the same fairs, where you can see the campers and car caravans. And besides the bike caravans are usually only conceptual models, they always cause a big sensation.

The professional concept

During the fairs in Duesseldorf, a small bike caravan has been presented twice by Dethleffs company, which is known for its production of "real" caravans and campers. Model Dethleffs Biker from a distance looks just like a car caravan and you really need to get closer to see the differences. And those are visible in proportions. Biker’s smaller and lighter – it weighs 175 kg. Inside, there’s a quite big bed. This caravan won’t come to a mass production because of difficulties in obtaining the approval for this vehicle.

So what can do a person, who wants to go with the bike, and at the same time be provided with a place for a sleep? There are some ways to do this, nonetheless require both big imagination, courage (you cannot worry about "what people say") and designer’s enthusiasm.

DIYs fantasies

Sakari Holma - Finnish citizen - built a bike caravan himself, and what’s more, much lighter than the one created by the German company. He made ​​from pieces of wood, and the whole structure is apparently very light. Perhaps this vehicle looks more like a covered bed on wheels than a caravan, but allows for a relatively comfortable accommodation. The constructor took care not only about the streamlined shape and sliding props, but also about “tear-shaped” window covered with curtains at night.

Another designer of strange vehicles (both riding and swimming) is Paul Elkins. A house on wheels constructed by him, weighs 100 kg. Inside there’s a folding bed, a table, a fan and boxes serving as storages. The "urinal" to which you urinate from the outside, is quite an interesting solution - it looks a bit like pouring the fuel into the car. That’s not the end of eccentricities. There’s a transparent capsule sticking out from the caravan. While sleeping, you put your head into it, so that you can enjoy the starry sky.

You can easily admit, that the only constraint would be your imagination and… the strength of your muscles, because riding with such caravans on the roads can be exhausting – especially during long trips. Yet the constructors dreamed right about such travels.

Caravan for cyclists Caravan for cyclists Caravan for cyclists