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This combination can really surprise us. Can you imagine a camping version of a hybrid Toyota Prius? Now you don’t have to strain your imagination! Such vehicle has been presented during Tokyo Auto Salon Fairs. And interestingly, it’s not only a prototype.

German journalists from “Auto Bild” have christened this odd motorhome as Quasimodo, because of the hump on the back of the body of Toyota Prius. Commentators agreed – model Relax Cabine doesn’t look too pretty. Engineers from the company Camp-Inn Japan didn’t even try to hide that the "relaxation" superstructure made ​​of plastic hardened with glass fiber, was attached to the car somehow by force.

Behind a transparent door

An interesting thing is that we find a large door in the back of the car, just like in the case of a full-size motorhome. In the version shown at the fair doors were transparent, but from the inside you may cover it with a blind.

Equally surprising may be what we find inside. If someone is expecting a large amount of equipment, toilet or sink, will be disappointed. In turn, there are two floors, which can be used as an accommodation for up to four people. The upper level can be dismantled, and converted into... a table. What as well attracts the attention inside are nice, red pillows.

Because the manufacturer didn’t attempt to squeeze a typical, camping equipment into a passenger interior, you may be quite surprised by the amount of space inside. However, you can enjoy it when being in rather horizontal position. The impression of the large amount of space is intensified by a light, cream-red coloristic.

Swollen Prius

Additional equipment of the Relax Cabine includes electrical outlets and additional LED backlight. There’s also a large sunroof, which may be uncovered, by folding the ceiling/floor between the "floors". Then the vehicle gets a lot of light.

The car is about 50 cm longer and 56 cm higher than the standard version of Toyota Prius. The price in Japan is equivalent to more than 50 000 dollars. Apparently, the questionable beauty of the vehicle, doesn’t deter the customers, and the first copies have already been sold.

Drive, sleep, save

Relax Cabine is a very original vehicle that actually serves for only one purpose. When we get tired during long journey, we don’t have to look for a hotel. We can simply stop at any of the parking lots and go to sleep on a big (and hopefully - comfortable) mattress. But for water and toilet we have to look elsewhere.

Let’s not forget about the ecological-economic aspect – after all, Prius is a hybrid, so long journeys in such vehicle should be much cheaper than in a typical motorhome.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska


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