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Palace is a flagship cannon from Morelo. Other models - Loft and Home, are smaller and truncated variants of the palace motorhome. Right here, the manufacturer has decided to close everything what’s best.

12 interior arrangements to choose from and three chassis variants – it’s a choice for those, who opt for the version Palace. But there's also Palace Liner, available in 10 interior arrangements and seven versions of the chassis!

The biggest Palace - Liner 108 GSB (10.950 mm in length) has a garage for Mini or other car measuring up to 3.75 m, and its interior is very spacious. The smallest - 80 H (8.230 mm), is a bit tighter, and its garage won’t fit the car, but the interior arrangement will be similar. In each variant of the Palace the bedroom and living room are separated by a connecting bathroom, closed on both sides.

Car like a bus

You don’t need to go inside to be amazed by Morelo. Although the vehicles of the brand in the majority are based on Iveco Daily (the biggest models on MAN TGL and Iveco Eurocargo), from the outside don’t resemble the original versions of these cars.

It’s easy to confuse this camper with a small bus. The panoramic windscreen, bus mirrors, small round lights and a large grill make this vehicle really original. It’s also relished with LED lamps, consisting of small dots serving as daytime running lights. Side windows are large, especially those next to the driver and passenger (they’re double-glazed which provide better insulation).

The body was made ​​of two layers of aluminum sheet. Fully insulated floor was made of fiberglass, plywood and PVC. Insulated roof protects the body from hail and thunder. The body of Morelo is also distinguished by the low load line in the rear. Interestingly, the door are protected by electronic combination lock.

Two TVs

Driver’s cockpit isn’t only a developed navigation and multimedia system and dual-zone air conditioning. There’re also cooled storages and upholstery combining light leather and wood. Optionally, driver's seat can have air suspension, heating and back support system.

Living area is neat and modern. Combination of light upholstery and dark wood looks very good. Numerous LED lighting, also in the ceiling, was placed in brown strips.

A roof with a large, opening windows is impressive. This solution lets in a plenty of natural light - especially in versions without folding bed. Floor heating combined with 22-inch HD TV with satellite antenna is a good set for autumn and winter evenings. In bedroom you can install a 32-inch TV, electrically sliding out from a special compartment. In the illuminated show-case you can safely store glasses.

A comfortable kitchen

Cooking in Palace can be a pleasure. You can keep all dishes prepared in the kitchen on the kitchen folding table. And to make cooking more tasty, we can use a big oven with grill, which door opens to the top. In Palace you will also find a 3-burner gas stove and 190 liter refrigerator. You can also add a pantry with sliding shelves.

Very useful is also a kitchen table top with sink. What’s interesting, two chambers weren’t placed next to each other, but behind each other. In Morelo there’s even a place for a coffee maker Nespresso. Kitchen drawers have the function of soft closing.

Spacious bathroom

The palace bathroom is equipped in cabinets with mirrors and LED lighting, as well as a heater on which you can dry your towel. A big sink, ceramic toilet with a capacity of 250 liters and glazed shower cabinet are also big advantages.

Bathroom windows have roller blinds protecting against insects. The shower can be optionally connected outside of the vehicle.

It’s worth to emphasize that particular versions of the equipment depends on the option chosen by the customer. Standard versions of Morelo Palace costs from 176.900 to 290.000 Euro.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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