Adak Trailer

Adak - a toy for big boys

Is it a tank? Is it an off-road vehicle? No! It’s a caravan! It turns out that the caravan can also have a military smartness, which will probably appeal not only to guerrillas, but also to anglers or hunters.

If there’s a caravan, which is absolutely masculine, it’s probably this one - Adak. This American vehicle looks very severely from the outside, which is due not only to the color of the paint, rather typical for tanks. Angular shapes, off-road wheels, black metal elements - in fact, every detail of this vehicle may call to the mind a masculine adventure.

Austere from the outside and inside

This outer austerity can be nice. I guess, however, that the interior raises more extreme emotions. Of course, in this case, we can also be sure that any element of the interior wasn’t designed by a woman. Everything here is angular, dark-grey and austere to such a point that one may wonder, whether we can talk about the aesthetics at all.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly comfortable – unfolding sofas, kitchen with sink, a microwave, shower, toilet... Actually, here you can find everything you would expect from a caravan, plus something else - originality, which is hardly achieved when it comes to the mass production.

And this was supposed to be that way. In the opinion of the constructors of Adak, the caravan has to serve as a toy for "big boys", an equipment for enthusiasts, who opt for something absolutely unique. People, who sometimes want to escape from reality, who want to set into the unknown with friends, or just to sidetrack from the main route to the less frequented trails, should definitely appreciate the opportunities offered by Adak.

The technique matters as well

Even though the caravan may cause a bit coarse impression, it’s built using modern technology. For example, side walls and roof are made of plastic containing glass fibers and have a honeycomb structure.

If a customer has such a request, the bodywork may have an aluminum cover. This structure, combined with double windows, should provide a good resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. According to designers, all of the elements (including hydraulics), have been adapted to a very harsh exploitation.

The total length of the caravan amounts 716 cm, width - 259 cm, and the height - 312 cm. Adak weighs 2.154 kg. The vehicle moves on a powerful, 31-inch wheels, so it's best if it’s pulled by something higher than Fiat Seicento.

As befits a caravan ready for the trips into the unknown, the equipment includes a 163-liter fresh water container and a 135-liter container for gray water. The whole lighting has been made ​​using LED technology. The equipment also includes smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, as well as control panel full of buttons.

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