Adria Altea PH 369

Adria Altea PH 369 - a compromise for two

Adria has refreshed its offer of Altea caravans. Let’s take a closer look to the smallest model of the series, which in Germany costs between 15-17 thousand euros.

The smallest Altea, marked with the symbol PH 369, is a compromise, which would be perfect especially for a couple, who dreams about new caravan, but can’t afford a fancy model.


Users have at their disposal only 462 cm of length. Along with the shaft, the caravan has 603 cm. But it has to be a little tight when we deal with such length, even if the caravan is used only by two people. Small sizes have their advantages, though. The vehicle weights 1049 kg, which is little enough so as it can be towed even by a lightweight car.

The construction of Altea may not be a nice surprise. The walls are made of layers of sheet, plywood and polystyrene. While in modern constructions, manufacturers do not use plywood any longer! The roof is partly made of fiberglass (GFK), which is supposed to protect it against the effects of hail.

Modern but tight

From the outside Altea may look pretty typical and there’s nothing to wonder about. We can say more about the interior, though. New furniture has large, flat surfaces devoid of additional décor. Inside we’ll find also the elements of brushed aluminum and, for example, a sink made of stainless steel. All this looks neat and modern, so it will probably appeal especially to young people, to whom this caravan is directed particularly.

Considering it from the practical point of view, well, it’s rather tight. When entering the caravan, on the left side (next to the back wall) we can find a kitchen top with a sink and 3-burner stove. In front of the entrance there’s a small dining area. Theoretically it’s designed for 4 persons. Practically – it will easily fit 2 people.

The table and sofas can be also exchanged for a double bed, but the main one is located on the left from the entrance. Next to the bed there’s a bathroom. Unfortunately, to make a way to the bathroom, the bed had to be cut a bit.

Space-saving patents

In the bathroom we can find a chemical toilet, folding washbasin and height-adjustable shower. Taking into account the amount of space in the whole caravan, the bathroom is really nice.

Similarly, when it comes to suspended closet. It’s located right above the bed, above the legs of one sleeping person, but doesn’t cause any problems. The closet can fit few hangers with shirts.

A large compartment is located under the bed. You can get to it by removing a foam mattress and opening a wooden frame, but there’s also another way. It’s easily accessible from the outside, you just have to open low, wide doors.

In the standard equipment...

The equipment of the caravan includes a quite spacious – 190 liters fridge, 50 liter fresh water container, and 25 liter container for sewage.

According to the current trends, the caravan is facilitated with LED lighting. Pretty modest heating system Truma S 3004 can cause doubts, but the manufacturer ensures that it’s enough for such a small caravan. In this little Altea we won’t find a system of air recirculation.

Is it worth choosing Altea in the shortest version? Each potential customer has to decide himself. For people travelling in two it can be a quite interesting proposal.

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2014.09.16 08:59
I agree with you. This caravan looks amazing
2014.09.15 23:52
It's real but You know: Photoshop is magic ;) btw. trailer looks very, very well ;)
2014.09.15 09:15
Daylo09, this it is not photomontage! ;D
2014.09.05 10:11
but trailer looks very well ;-)
2014.09.05 10:09
nice photomontage on the first pic :-D