Adria Coral Supreme

Adria Coral Supreme - loft style interior

S670L from Coral Supreme series offered by Adria brand will raise interest mainly among enthusiasts of motorhomes, who appreciate the aesthetics, interesting design and modern technology. Slovenian manufacturer puts on individualism and creativity of the users, thus a variety of choices in terms of color and equipment.

A lot to choose from

Model S670L was based on Fiat Ducato X290. With a length of the vehicle that amounts 7.38 m and a width of 2.29 m, we gain quite a lot of space, and perhaps that’s why Adria presents the series Coral Supreme as interiors in the Loft style, which is supposed to emphasize the modernity and spaciousness of motorhomes. In S670L we find 3 beds (fourth available as an option) and 4 seats plus 1 approved. The manufacturer also offers two versions of interior design - Horizont or Forest (light or dark wood to choose). Clients also determine the colors of fabrics. The offer includes shades of beige, brown and gray (Mint/White Santos/Calando). But that’s not the end, because we also have an impact on the appearance of the cabin, and we can choose from the following options: classic white, silver or gray metallic. The possibility to create the aesthetics of the motorhome is certainly a definite advantage, even if the choice may seem limited.

A touch of luxury

Cab the interior of the cabin looks functional, classic, and yet luxurious. A comfortable dining corner with adjustable table, V-shaped kitchen with fridge (150 l), and a built-in oven + grill, as well as a bathroom with toilet, sink and separate shower. It’s worth to focus on technology. Adria offers a modern multimedia wall (with USB charger and audio input), tablet with control system as well as integrated TV. To increase the comfort of travelling, the manufacturer decided on a double floor in bathroom and dining room, which allows for a greater insulation and heat retention. The standard equipment goes with an underfloor heating system Alde (water, sewage tank and garage). A large amount of daylight (including integrated sunroof in the living room), LED lighting, adequate storage capabilities (large garage and closets in the bedroom) are additional advantages.

Bigger opportunities

Coral Supreme S670SL already in standard version seems to be an attractive proposition, but it’s worth checking the additional options of equipment. Adria offers, among others, Alde Smart Control system, which allows you to control the heating with mobile devices. Additional bed will cost approx. 200£. A lot will spend those, who decide on exclusive amenities such as automatic transmission (1,920.00£), panoramic window (1,199.00£), or air conditioning of the cabin, an airbag for passenger and cruise control (1,699.00£). Model S670SL costs approx. 57,000£, but is it worth the price? As usual, the choice depends on our expectations, so if you like to use your ideas, you care about the visual side of the motorhome, as well as modern solutions of manufacturer, S670SL may be the best choice.

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