Adria Sport

Adria Sport - motorhome only with a sporty name

What distinguishes Adria Sport campers is ... their name, which totally doesn’t fit with what you get. The models from Sport series are recognized as a synonym for mediocrity, which doesn’t mean that they represent a low standard.

Adria Sport is advertised as a camper for those, who lead an active lifestyle and also want to spend the holidays actively. But you can say just the same thing about any other camping vehicle.

Slightly rounded shape of the body shell is not enough to make it looks like a dynamic car. In fact it’s just an ordinary Fiat Ducato with a classy camping body.

This vehicle offers everything that a modern camper should have, the level of finish is also adequate, but there’s nothing more. In the contest for the most average camper, Adria Sport would have a huge chance to win.

In three varieties

The basis for the polyester body shell was Fiat Ducato - in the basic version it’s a car with a 2-liter engine and 115 hp. Gross vehicle weight is 3.5 tonnes, while the length varies depending on the version.

Model S 572 L measures 6608 cm. This camper has been designed for three adults and one child, who can sleep with parents on extra sofa between two single beds.

In this model a small bathroom is integrated with shower, and on the opposite side of the toilet you can also find a small kitchen area.

The model S 650 SF seems to be more spacious, which is indicated by the length of the vehicle - 6920 cm. This camper can accommodate 4 adults, if they agree to sleep on double beds. You can choose a bed at the end of the vehicle or the alcove above the living area.

Besides, in this model, we already have a kitchen in a comfortable L-shape and larger bathroom with a shower with sliding doors.

Even more space is waiting for people traveling in model S 690 SC, where the shower was placed in a separate part, in front of the toilet. On the back of the camper there’s a place for a large double bed. Unfortunately, in front of the cabin there’s only one sleeping place, what’s more, there’s a slant, which won’t make sleeping too comfortable.

What’s in the equipment?

From the outside Adria Sport is equipped with a 74x80 cm compartment, while the longest model is also equipped with an additional compartment in size of 74x110 cm. The standard version goes with a 150-liter fridge, stainless steel sink, 3-flame cooker with cover, swivel chemical toilet, additional ventilation of the toilet, submersible pump, 85 liter waste water container, 110 liter container for clean water and heating system Truma 4 with boiler.

Inside you will find LED lighting, but the number of points of light isn’t too impressive. The fact that in the standard version is a place for only one gas cylinder may be seen as disadvantage. If you want to install two bottles - you have to pay extra.

For an extra charge we can get, for example, panoramic window in the cab, heated waste water container and underfloor heating.

In Poland, Adria Sport costs about 40 thousands Euro.

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