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Altea4four - what color you like?

Can this be done in a different way? Can we present caravans in a new way? Allow customers to have some fun already when choosing an appropriate version? What Adria proposes to Altea model is an interesting experiment that can revolutionize the caravanning industry.

Let’s give customers the opportunity to personalize the caravan to match their needs. There cannot be too many choices – it has to be simple, possible to be done in a few steps. Probably such assumptions guided the representatives of Adria, who developed an offer for the website

The caravan from a virtual creator

Indeed, the creator is very easy. All the steps can be done in a minute, so even the busiest customers will find time for this little game. Importantly, when choosing the external look, you’ll immediately see the effect on the screen. And the choice is really unusual.

In the world of caravans, a standard is white color, sometimes decorated with silver, and occasionally with colorful accents. However, Adria decided to go for it. The caravan can be white, gray, but there’s also a yellow, green and blue version.

That's not all, because the caravan can be further personalized by choosing one of the five patterns, for example, colored dots, plaids or stripes. It fits perfectly in the currently fashionable trend of mass customization. With different color options the customer receives a product tailored to his personal preferences, almost individual, but because of the limited range of options, it’s not a problem for the manufacturer, and it doesn’t increase the price in a significant way either.

It's just fun

You can see your “designed” caravan right away, by turning the visualization of 360 degrees. Then you can go to choose the interior. Unfortunately, here we won’t have such a freedom. The selection of upholstery is pretty modest - "Graphite" and "Silver". Although the interior has been designed in a modern and neat way, there should be a wider selection at the stage of the virtual project.

The next step is the selection of accessories. And here again we can feel unsatisfied, because it turns out that virtually everything requires an additional charge, including shock absorbers, AKS clutch, spare wheel, shaft cover, sewage tank, or sink cover. Besides, there’re no prices provided.

In the next step, we go to the summary. The project can be saved, we can share it (eg. On Facebook), print, or - finally - send it to the distributor. Unfortunately, the creator doesn’t show even an approximate price of the configured vehicle. Therefore, such a design can be treated only as fun, first contact with Altea4four, but without the possibility of rapid conversion of the project into an indicatively priced order.

Video from the world premiere of Altea4four during Caravan Salon 2014

Small for young

Altea4four is a small caravan, with the total length of 5.695 mm and 3.640 mm of inner length. The width inside amounts 2.170 mm. The curb weight of the caravan is 1.024 kg, and the permissible total weight - 1.300 kg.

The interior layout of the caravan is pretty interesting. The kitchen is located on the back wall, to the left of the front door. On the right side we can find sitting area, which can be converted into sleeping place in many ways. You can create either two separate beds, three single beds, or a set of 2 + 1 + 1 or 3 + 1 (ie, one triple bed and additional sleeping place for a loner).

With such solution we gain a small caravan, which can fit up to four people. If we add the wealth of colors, which is not offered by other manufacturers, Altera4four proves to be the perfect choice for young people, who care about the originality and high capacity for a relatively modest price.

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2014.09.19 08:32
Very nice options with bed arangements so 4 people can sleep very comfortable