Antares Luxe

Antares Luxe - Caravan

Antares Luxe caravan is, contrary to its name, the simplest, not the most luxurious model from the collection of the French company Caravelair. The prices start from 9590 euro.

Light, easy to tow, with intelligently thought-out interior, and quite affordable - this is the trailer Antares Luxe in the opinion of the manufacturer. This model seems to have a beneficial relation between its quality and value. There’re perhaps no gadgets or other solutions that could cause a delight, but there’re also no reason to complain. Both from the outside, as well as from the inside, the caravan seems to be decently made​​. Good materials, modest, but nice design, functionality - these features can earn some fans.

You can choose from 12 variants of Antares Luxe - they are designed for 2, 3, 4 or 6 people. We can also choose from four different upholstery - gray elements can be combined with the color of dark brick or navy-blue.

Without a toilet

Unfortunately, in the cheapest version, marked with symbol 340, we won’t find a toilet. There’s, however, a 3-flame cooker with sink, double bed as well as unfolding bed for a child. The total length of this model (with a hook) is 5 meters, and the total permissible weight cannot exceed 950kg. The curb weight with the equipment is 659 kg.

In the basic version of Antares Luxe we find only one output 230V. The caravan has a 70-liter fridge and 25 liter container for clean water. For 30-liter container for sewage you have to pay extra, as well as for the heating Trumatic 3004.

Family compromise

A better solution would be a second (starting from the cheapest) version Antares Luxe 390, which is available at the price of 11390 euro. This caravan is designed for two adults and two children (there’re two double beds – small and big)

This model of caravan already as a toilette (electrical cassette Thetford) with a shower frame, as well as two outputs 230V. For an extra charge you can also get, eg. a shower and a heating system. You can also order a mast with TV antenna.

Better extra equipment

The most exspensive would be Antares Luxe 526, although the manufacturer didn’t mention its price on the website. This caravan can accommodate up to 6 people. The dimensions of double beds are well thought out, so the biggest one (140x195 mm) can comfortably fit two adults, the smaller ones teenagers (120x190mm), while the smallest one – children sleeping head to toe (75x192mm)

The model 526 is 6,90 meters long, and its permissible gross weight is 1400kg. Its curb weight along with the equipment is 1127kg. The caravan has 6 windows (the smaller models have 4), as well as 3 outputs 230V. In this version a 150 liter fridge-freezer is a standard. But still you have to pay extra for waste water container, heating or shower. For an extra charge you can also get a microwave, water heater or rooftop air conditioning.

It worth to pay some attention to the fact, that because for many of the elements of equipment you have to pay extra, the final price for Antares Luxe doesn’t have to seem so attractive, as it seemed at the beginning.