Arca Noe

Arca Motorhome - for people, who value appearance

Although the Italian Arca offers well-equipped camping vehicles, their biggest differentiator is the attractive appearance. And because we like to drive cars that simply look good, Arca would probably gain some fans also in Poland.

In Italy, Arca is almost synonymous with motorhome. It all began in the mid-fifties, with the idea came of removing wheels of the caravan and install the residential part on a truck chassis. Forging the idea into a particular product took several years until finally, in 1961, at the fair presenting boats and yachts (Genoa Boat Show) was shown model Arca Noe.

Noah's Ark was developed also in the following years, and the company wasn’t afraid of experiments, as evidenced by model Arca Scout - an off-road motorhome from 1977.

Wild design

Currently, Arca produces both fully and semi integrated motorhomes, with an alcove above the driver’s cab and without the alcove.

But only integrated vehicles offered by the company under the name "motorhome" arouse the greatest interest. The reason for that is their appearance.

Arca isn’t the first brand that proved Italians can design cars – good looking cars. Models from the series Arca H have a modern and dynamic look, sometimes even slightly wild. It has to be admitted that it’s pretty rare in case of camping vehicles. Their front is made of carbon fiber.

Impression of luxury

Also the interior won’t disappoint us. The lighting in all rooms is provided by LED lamps. Strips and lots of nicely designed light points give a bit of modern relish to the interior designed rather typical for modern motorhomes.

Surfaces in the color of wood interlace with white elements, while handles, batteries and small accessories in the color chromium-plated steel add the Arca motorhomes a bit of elegance. The impression of a subtle luxury is emphasized by light upholstery of seats, couches and beds made exclusively from natural materials (linen and cotton). Nothing revolutionary, though very nice.

A solid base

Arca offers five models of motorhomes. All of them are based on Fiat Ducato with diesel engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters and 130 or 150 HP (optional). There’s also version with a 3-liter unit with 180 HP.

The basic model H715 GLT measures 715 cm, is 235 cm wide and 295 cm high. It provides four sleeping places.

The double bed is located in the front of the vehicle, and is suspended from the ceiling. Two sleeping places are located also at the end of the vehicle (crosswise) and they’re set in such a way so that two persons touch their feet while sleeping. Therefore this motorhome was definitely designed for the parents and two children.

The manufacturer managed to fit quite a large bathroom with a separate space for shower (you don’t have to keep your feet in the shower tray while using the toilet).

The clean water container has a capacity of 100 liters. The toilet and waste water container can hold up to 56 liters. The vehicle is equipped in heating system Truma Combi with the power of 6000 watts, which was placed approximately in the middle. Thanks to such location, the air is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the motorhome.

The fridge with freezer has a capacity of 135 liters. What’s interesting, kitchen top and sink is made of fiberglass. Faucet and shower tray in the bathroom is made of the same material.

A higher standard

Many elements of the basic equipment can be found in the higher models as well. But there are also clear differences. Model H725 GLM measures 738 cm, so just a tad more than the lower model. Nonetheless, it looks much better and has better equipment – for example, a reversing camera as a standard and a table mounted on two axles. The fridge has a capacity of 190 liters, and the kitchen top is bigger and made of a different material than the sink (that distinguishes this model from others).

Shower cabin is located in a separate room.

Other models are H725 GLM (with a garage), H738 GLC and H740 GLC. The latter model is the so-called "full option" – a motorhome with a length of 740 cm, has two large double beds on board, one of which can be set in a position comfortable for reading. Double wardrobe, electric sunroof, retractable TV or padded wall panels are only a part of the equipment of this motorhome.

Great appearance and good equipment are certainly the advantages of Arca motorhomes. So maybe it's time for Polish distributors to consider this brand seriously? We're looking forward.

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