ARTO Niesmann + Bischoff

ARTO - world's best looking motorhome

Arto motorhome from Niesmann + Bischoff was awarded in the international competition Red Dot, promoting good design in applied art. This is very significant, because camping vehicles are rarely appreciated in this type of competition.

Large, panoramic window in the front, a little feisty grill, exposed to the front, which perfectly match the headlights, as if they were gently floating at the corners of the front wall and side walls – the front of this motorhome could focus a particular attention of the Red Dot Award jurors, who had a pretty hard task.

40-person jury had to evaluate a total number of 4,800 designs submitted by 1,816 manufacturers, designers and architects from 53 countries around the world. But the motorhome appealed also to customers - apparently so much that the entire production for this year has been already reserved.

Acknowledging the award for Arto, the jury especially appreciated a well-thought aerodynamics of the vehicle, consistent design and the overall high quality.

To conquer not only the hearts of design professionals, but above all the hearts of demanding customers, Niesmann + Bischoff teamed up with designer Judith Milberg, who is responsible primarily for motorhomes’ interiors. Therefore, we can be sure that even in inside of Arto, every detail has been thought out in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

Infinite variations

Customers can choose from 19 variants of the Interior and several types of upholstery. However, there’re so many possibilities of different combinations that the manufacturer even says about more than 500 acceptable variations. This means that it will be difficult to find two identical Arto.

Although from the outside it would be difficult to guess, Arto was based on Fiat Ducato. The shortest and cheapest motorhome has a symbol 59 GL and measures 6.458 mm. Its price in Germany is 80,580 euro. At the opposite pole we find the top-ranked variation 88 F measuring 8763 mm, available at a price of 107,810 euro. Permissible gross weight of the vehicle is 5 tons.

Depending on the version, the vehicle can accommodate from 2 to 5 people, and usually there are more beds than seats fitted with seatbelts. Thus, when choosing the car with five beds, we have to be aware that we can travel with maximum 4 people.

High-end equipment

The standard equipment for all versions of Arto is similar. Only the capacity of water and waste water containers may vey – from 120 to 200 liters. Besides, the standard comes with, among others, 106- liter fridge, heating system Truma Combi 6 and 4 sockets 230 V. The list of available accessories is very long, so we can assume that even the most demanding customers will be able to equip their motorhome with everything they need.

It’s needless to dwell on the materials used in the interior. They are of a high quality and they integrate well with a fairly modern design.

It should be noted, however, that Arto is a cheaper one out of the two vehicles currently available in the offer of Niesmann + Bischoff. A real luxury offers only the model Flair, but it has to be admitted that in one category it’s defeated already at the start. In terms of the appearance Arto is the unquestionable leader.

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