Beduin family from Germany

Beduin is probably the most recognizable caravan of the Dethleffs brand. Despite the changes this model had undergone over the years, its appearance still distinguishes it from other caravans.

Over the years Beduins grew strongly and its equipment have been expanded and modernized. But they were always a little bigger and better equipped than the basic models. Because of its good reputation, the manufacturer decided not to replace the name Bedouin by any other.

Diversity in the family

Beduin family now counts 13 models in different size and different interior design. Their prices oscillate within 18 999 euros for a model 450 FL (649 cm long, 3 sleeping places) to 29 499 euros for a model 740 RFK (942 cm, 6 beds). As you can see, both in terms of price and size, the gap between particular Bedouins is huge.

These differences may indicate that the two owners of the caravan of the same name can experience a different level of comfort - for example, not all models are equipped with a shower tray. The bathroom is also located differently – behind a big double bed, next to it, or even at the opposite end of the caravan. Everyone should choose the option that will suit them best.

Regardless of the chosen version, well-designed, crafted furniture and lots of lights really please the eye. LED lighting is present both in the form of strips along the ceiling suspended cabinets, in the corners between cabinets, as well as in numerous ceiling lamps (e.g. around the sunroof). Nobody should complain on the lack of light.

Reasonable equipment

Let’s take under consideration the cheapest, four-bed model 470 ER. For the price of about 21 thousands Euro we get the Beduin with the length of 713 cm (including the length of the interior - 570 cm), width of 230 cm and height of 265 cm.

Standard equipment includes the heating system Truma S 3002, a refrigerator with a capacity of 96 liters (including 11-liter freezer), 38-liter clean water container and a 22-liter sewage container. There are also four outputs of 230 V.

In most variants of Beduin these elements of equipment are identical. Only some versions have e.g. a larger refrigerator (175 liters, including a 31-liter freezer), and better heating - S 5002. Additional equipment gives you of course more opportunities – for example, you can buy a larger water container and air conditioning.

Almost like a yacht

Among the distinguishing features of the Beduin, the manufacturer lists the two-color furniture with dark elements, adjustable tables with tops made ​​of solid wood, thoroughly made ​​upholstery and already mentioned concept of interior lighting. Bedouin has to resemble a luxury yacht, which consequently resists temporary fashions.

In conclusion, taking under consideration the price, which is quite reasonable with the reference to the standard of the caravan, Beduin has pretty much to offer. Moreover, the newest model distinguishes itself with a modern shape, which will surely earn him some new fans. Therefore, nothing indicates, that Beduin will go for retirement.

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