Before the caravanning season

Before we set off for the first spring or summer travel with the caravan, it’s worth to pay some attention to it.

Before the spring-summer season, carefully check the condition of the caravan. And although we cannot end the examination on the exterior, it’s the best point from which we can start.

Body and Equipment

The preparation of the caravan usually starts from taking care of its body. It’s important to thoroughly wash the caravan not only for aesthetic reasons - when washing you can find cracks or leakages that have to be removed.

You can use a car shampoo, but cosmetics intended for boats work as well. Sediments, which are difficult to remove (eg tar or resin) will disappear after using a rubbing alcohol or kerosene. A soft cloth will be the best to clean the windows. If you find some abrasions on the body, you have to degrease this place and cover with polyurethane enamel. The removal of cracks is more difficult, and it’s better to go to a specialist service with it.

Any signs of rust should cause a concern. Chassis should be secured with an anti-corrosion specific.

Another important issue is the condition of the devices inside the caravan. Before a long trip you have to make sure that the gas system is tight, and heating, cooling and sanitary items are efficient. If any device is designed for different power supplies(for example, the refrigerator can be powered by gas, or a current of 230V or 12V), make sure that it works in all of them.

The safety

The issues, which are the most important for safe travelling are, however, different. For example, wheels. Make sure that they revolve without unnecessary resistance and backlash. You need to look more closely at the tires. Crucial is not only the depth of a tread, but also whether the tire is not cracked or bulging.

The suspension is another important issue. Make sure if it’s firmly mounted to the floor. That’s why we should examine whether the nuts don’t play. Then you can check the caravan’s axle. It shouldn’t have any deformities, dents or other damages.

Connecting the caravan plug to the car enable you to check if all the lights work fine. Sometimes the light isn’t working due to the poor condition of the plug - for example, because of the broken pins. If there’re some tarnished contacts, you should clean them.

Some things can be checked only when driving. It’s worth to go for a test drive, during which you should carefully ... listen. Thanks to this we will see if there’re no disturbing noises.

The next thing is the brakes. First overrunning brake. While braking repeatedly you can see if the braking is effective and - last but not least - steady. You also need to check the parking brake of the caravan. If, in spite of pulling it up, the car still can pull a caravan, it means that the braking system isn’t working properly.

In such situation, as well as in any other indicating damage, it’s best to give the caravan into the hands of an experienced mechanic or reliable service.