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Bimobil Husky - pickup with a cottage

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Volkswagen Amarok is a well-done pickup, which in the four-wheel drive version can be quite an efficient SUV. What if we add a caravan superstructure? That’s exactly what the German Bimobil has done.

Critics reject this car immediately after seeing it. The Camper, which is called a Bimobil Husky with the caravan superstructure, strikes some with an angular part of the living space, which does not fit the round profile of Amarok. Followers, however, do not care about aesthetics – they focus on practical advantages.

For every occasion

Especially when deciding on the 4x4 version you can appreciate the benefits of owning such a vehicle. Comfortable on asphalt, able to cope even in difficult terrain, and also suitable for comfortable camping - what more could you want? With such a car there’s no need to go on a campsite. You might as well drive into the unknown and to get to places inaccessible to ordinary tourists.

An important feature of the Husky model is the ability to remove the caravan superstructure. Apparently, uninstalling or reinstalling the "house" takes only 15 minutes. Thanks to this the superstructure can be left in one place, and we can explore the city take by a lighter, almost ordinary car.

With full equipment

The camping part is restricted, but what this car has to offer in the field may be a luxury. Inside you will find everything that is available in much more spacious campers: a refrigerator (with capacity of 60 or 95 liters), a countertop, a gas stove, and a sink...

There's even a bathroom. It is true that it is microscopic, but they still managed to cram in a chemical toilet, a sink and a shower!

The living area also has everything necessary. Above the roof one bed has been placed, while the other can be arranged by lowering the table and folding the two couches located nearby.

In most variants the manufacturer provides the accommodation to fit 3 persons. However, there are versions in which even a 4 people family can go by.

In the camper there is a place for heating Truma Combi 4, a tank of fresh water (50-80 liters) and a waste water tank (60 liters). The tank and the onboard equipment were hidden in boxes under the beds. Fabric covers are colorful, and the furniture is made of light wood. There is also LED lighting.

Long, short or wide

An important advantage of Husky is its capacity, which in some models can reach up to 785 kg (and with optional modifications, up to 845 kg). Prices of campers based on Amarok start from 58,270 Euros in Germany.

The car is available in three basic versions. Husky 220 - has a large cabin with two rows of seats in the passenger compartment. Its length is 535 cm with a wheelbase of 309.5 cm. Husky 270 with the same wheelbase has a shorter cabin with one row of seats. Overall vehicle length is 522 cm.

Who cares for more space, can opt for a model with a double cabin and an extended wheelbase of 340.5 cm - Husky 258. This car is 565 cm long. For each model, there are two interior systems to choose from.

Bimobil also offers superstructure to cars of other brands, including Nissan and Toyota.

Translation: Barbara Mikołajczyk

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