British who doesn't compromise

ELDDIS is a British brand that produces premium caravans. Not too many people heard about this brand in Poland, nonetheless it’s worth to pay some attention here.

ELDDIS has its agencies in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands. There’re no in Poland, which is a pity. The company offers caravans of a standard that goes beyond what we know even about the German caravans.

Very interesting is already the cheapest, "budgetary" model Xplore, advertised as attractive in terms of price, yet devoid of compromise. Well, the "cheapness" is relative, and in this case it means 11 thousand of pounds for the smallest and the least equipped trailer.

Xplore is available in four different sizes. The shortest measures 3840 mm and offers an accommodation for two people. It may be tight. More recommendable are versions in length of 4450 mm, 6124 mm and finally 6250 mm. Larger models provide a comfortable night for 3, 4 or 5 people. The largest model is equipped in a bunk bed, to which leads an aluminum ladder.

What distinguishes Xplore is a rear window, wide on the entire back wall of the caravan. Noteworthy are also aesthetic, quilted sofas, which can be lifted by gas props, after what you get an access to the bedclothes compartment.

Kitchen is impressive. There’s of course a 3-flame cooker with a protection against fire, sink, 112-liter fridge-freezer and oven with a grill.

The heating and ventilation system (gas and electric) distributes warm or cool air throughout the caravan, including the bathroom. The blow of cold and hot air can be regulated with an aesthetic and practical dial. The hot water is provided by 8-liter boiler. And if the boiler runs out of water, you can use ... an external water source using a submersible pump.

Xplore caravan can have up to 5 electrical outputs 230 V. TV can be connected both to the socket 230 V and 12 V. There’s also an antenna that receives both analogue and digital signal.

Windows can be unsealed, which means that they can provide fresh air, even if they are closed. This can be useful, for example, at a campsite, if we’re afraid to leave the windows open.

You can also appreciate the deep cupboards and generally the high level of interior finishes. A bathroom with sink, shower and additional cabinets is also an advantage. It’s amazing that the bathroom is so spacious.

Indeed, Xplore seems appropriate for those who don’t want to compromise. And this is just the cheapest and simplest model from ELDDIS. Caravans Avante, Affinity, Crusader and especially Buccaneer, is not only a lack of compromise, but the splendor of luxury. Interestingly, the basic elements in all of these models are similar, when the largest differences are visible in the standard of finishing.

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