Buerstner Averso – abundance of options

Buerstner Averso – abundance of options

Averso is probably the most important model in the offer of German brand Buerstner. From the assumption it’s a caravan that provides a good quality in a good price, that could meet the demands of the possibly broadest audience. And if so, let’s not expect too much fireworks.

Buerstner has four models of caravans in his offer. The most "economical" is model Premio, available in Germany at a price of 13,500 EUR. Nonetheless, a typical Buerstner standard would be the model, and today we’ll be focusing particularly on it. Higher models are just developed concepts of Averso, as evidenced by their names - Averso Top and Averso Plus.

Light standard

Averso is dedicated to ordinary people, who are looking for a comfortable and affordable caravan. Such customers don’t expect luxury, though they don’t want to give up a decent comfort either. These assumptions mean that the manufacturer can’t use solutions that would increase the costs, unless it concerns the issues most relevant to customers.

Averso, just like other caravans from Buerstner, has an Al-Ko chassis with shock absorbers and a driving stabilizer. The manufacturer recommends Averso particularly to owners of small cars, because it weighs from 1000 to 1300 kg and doesn’t require large and powerful vehicle for pulling.

Recently, Buerstner has refreshed the interior of Averso caravan and updated the available versions. Currently, customers can choose among 13 interior arrangements, 12 lengths, 2 colors of furniture fronts and dozens of upholstery variants (including two options with leather).

The smallest and cheapest Averso caravan is 395 TS for the price of 15,910 EUR. Its dimensions are 639x230 cm. The caravan weighs 1060 kg and provides a load capacity of 300 kg. On the other hand, we have a version 545 TS with a length of 808 cm. The original weight of this caravan is 1340 kg, however, permissible gross weight may be different- 1600, 1700, 1800 or 1900 kg. This translates into a load capacity: 260, 360, 460 or 560 kg.

Each interior is different

It’s worth emphasizing that the differences between particular interior variants in case of Averso are important. These arrangements differ, for example, in solutions applied in the bathrooms. In some there’s a large, circular shower tray, which gives the impression of almost a separate cabin, on the sides of which the sink and toilet were placed. But there are also versions with rectangular shower trays (in two sizes), and the sink and toilet are located differently.

Kitchen in some caravans is located on the back of the caravan, while in other on the sidewall. Also, the beds are set differently, depending on the variant.

All beds are equipped in foam mattress. This is also applies to bunk beds that were placed in caravans with six sleeping places. In most versions, however, we find four places to sleep.


After upgrading, the interior looks more modern – furniture has been simplified, flat surfaces without a multitude of patterns are dominating. The manufacturer took a good care of details, such as the cover of the sink in the color of furniture fronts, or the most characteristic element of the new Averso - designer, ceiling lamp in an irregular shape (visible in one of the pictures).

An interesting solution are knobs of the oven, which weren’t placed in the burner zone, but on the front wall of the kitchen cabinet, below the tabletop. The stove is relatively large, and the security in the form of a glass cover also serves as its embellishment.

The standard equipment of Averso include a 104-liter refrigerator mounted under a kitchen tabletop ( 160-liter refrigerator is available for an additional charge), 40-liter fresh water container and a heating system Truma S3004 with boiler.

For an extra charge you can also have a winter package, which includes insulated and heated sewage system and underfloor heating.

In conclusion, what draws the attention in Averso, is not the uniqueness of the solutions, but mainly the wealth of variants. Each customer can customize his caravan by choosing the model with suitable length, the best interior layout and opting for one of the huge palette of available upholstery.

Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options Buerstner Averso – abundance of options