Burnster Brevio

BURSTNER BREVIO - Great Motorhome

If you are looking for a new camper in decent price, which will fit a family of four, you should focus your attention on a vehicle developed by Burstner company.

Model Brevio T600 was based on Fiat Ducato. It is surely not a luxurious one, however it has quite everything you might expect from a camper, which costs less than 45 thousands euro in its basic price.

3 engines, triple wall 

This car is available with three different engines. The least expensive option would be a camper with 2,3 Mjet engine with 96 horsepower. There is also an engine with the same capacity, however reaching 109 horsepower. The most expensive version has a 3 liter engine and 130 horsepower.

What makes Brevio so special are not only the engines. A design of a camping part would be equally interesting. Completely flat walls are made of three-layered insulation boards, which guarantees both good ventilation in summer, and high temperature maintenance in winter. Proper equipment would be also helpful, however, the manual air conditioning in cabin is available only at extra cost. In standard version you get the heating system, Truma Combi 4.

The car was designed for four travelers, however, it is recommended only two of them were adults. The vehicle is 599 mm long. Interior height is 195 mm, which should be OK for tall people. Low chassis also allowed to set the threshold loading lower. To facilitate the transportation of bicycles, you can order a rail, which you can then mount to the rear bumper. Attachment of bicycle is really easy, and you will appreciate the comfort of transportation.

Modestly, but ingeniously

And what’s inside? Customers can choose from 13 different upholstery. In standard version you also get a carpet and sunroof blinds. Travelers should not complain about the lack of light during a sunny day – the interior is well brightened thanks to a large widescreen, side windows and up to three sunroofs. Unfortunately, it would be less convenient on a cloudy day, or during the night. As long as the bathroom is equipped with three LED lights, the rest of the interior is illuminated rather modestly.

Inside the camper you will find rotating seats, both for the driver and the passengers, and a table with a retractable top. If you cook, you have to be satisfied with two-burner stove. The sink can be covered with a table top, which in that case may work as a cutting board. The camper is also equipped with 104-liter fridge.

The bathroom part is decent, however, when using a toilet, the person has to keep his feet in the shower frame. One of the equipment merits would be a container with clean water. Unfortunately, the waste container has only 90 liters.

Above the side doors you will find a panel controlling interior devices. It is not a modern and digital one, but rather a modest panel with basic functions. There is a compartment for two gas cylinders in the vehicle.

Perfect for the family

In comparison with other sophisticated campers that are produced in German factory, Burstner, Brevio looks rather modestly. On the other hand, this model gives you a chance to become an owner of a new camper, in which a four person family can easily travel. Therefore, it is a reasonable option for a family with children, who do not expect luxury, but a decent travel conditions in relatively reasonable price.

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