Burstner Brevio

Burstner Brevio - with the view of the landscapes

Burstner Brevio impresses with the... back. The thing that distinguishes this motorhome from other compact vehicles is the development of the rear and the rear tailgate, and in fact almost the entire wall, which can be raised up.

Front looks almost like simple Fiat Ducato, the side like a typical, not too long semi-integrated motorhome. Shorter version measures 5.99 meters, longer - 6.38 m. But it has to be admitted that from the back Brevio looks quite original. A large rear tailgate with huge window may be a prognosis of a very interesting interior.

Fold-down bed… above the table

Indeed, despite its small size, because the interior width amounts 2.1 m, the car is quite spacious. People eager for novelties should head toward the rear of the vehicle. Right here, depending on the version, you can find one double or two single beds. Interestingly, version T-645 has a double, suspended bed, which is located above the sleeping places. It's a big change in comparison with standard solutions, because the alcove is almost always located above the driver and passenger seats.

But this is not the end, because the lower bed can be turned into two couches placed on both sides of the table. So we can sit down, dine and open the rear hatch to have the pleasure of admiring the charms of the nature located outside.

Among the beautiful and natural setting it would be a brilliant idea, if not for one hitch... Well, the tailgate doesn’t have a mosquito net. In summer, it could mean the heat and flies during the day and mosquitoes at night. Another disadvantage would also be the fact that you cannot open the window in the tailgate.

Party for 10 people

With all this we may miss yet another big advantage. And this one is very important - the table can be fold out not only in the rear of the vehicle, but also in the front, as in a "typical" motorhome.

At the front table there’s a double couch, while on the other side – rotating seats of driver and passenger. But that’s not all! There’s one additional, unfolding place to sit – kind of a pouf or a stool. It all makes that the car – in front and back - can easily fit up 8, but also even 10 people (of course only during a stopover and rather without the option of accommodation for all)!

And what if someone goes to a campsite only in two and doesn’t need as much space for eating and talking? Instead of a table in the back, he can order rails for transporting bicycles.

Kitchen with a large worktop

Does Brevio have anything more to offer? Yes, a sliding sink in the bathroom. With such solution it was possible to save up a lot of space in a relatively small room. After moving the sink, we can use the shower. The space around the shower can be screened with a curtain.

Kitchen has a relatively large worktop, which will definitely help in the preparation of meals. Unfortunately, the lower kitchen cabinets are very shallow – it’s because of the gas cylinders that were placed there (on the outside). The fridge (100 liters) and freezer (9 liters) are quite small as well.

The prices of basic versions of Brevio oscillate around 55,000 – 57,000 EUR in Germany.

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