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Caddy Tramper – a small traveller

Caddy Tramper – a small traveller Caddy Tramper – a small traveller http://www.volkswagen.pl

More and more manufacturers offer small cars with camping characteristics. Just a few years ago this trend was caught up by Volkswagen, which offered recreational vehicles based on small, delivery car, Caddy.

Caravanning, once stereotypically associated rather with a jolly life of an elderly, west-coast, retired man, nowadays gains more and more popularity among young people. This fact has been used by Volkswagen, which has prepared models Caddy Tramper and Caddy Maxi Tramper exactly for young customers who love to travel, but can’t afford a full-size camping vehicle.

An oasis for two

Not everybody knows that the concept of Tramper was developed in the years 2004-2005, in Polish Volkswagen factory in Poznan. Polish specialists not only designed practical solutions inside the vehicle, but also invited to cooperation many other Polish companies that have become suppliers for Caddy Tramper and Caddy Maxi Tramper.

Caddy Tramper – mały podróżnik

A basic assumption was of course the best use of space inside the car. 1,3 square meters isn’t too much, so the challenge was even bigger. There are versions with a gas stove and refrigerator, but the majority of Trampers don’t have such facilities. What’s the most important in this car is a double bed with the dimensions 1,1 x 2,0 m.

A motorhome on request

On a daily basis, Tramper can be used just like any other car. Five seats allow you to treat it on par with other B-class vehicles. Importantly, tourist equipment may be easily removed, turning the sleeping area into a capacious truck.

Caddy Tramper – mały podróżnik

However, if we want to go on a spontaneous camping, we just get in and drive. On the spot, just with a few moves we fold the rear seats, and then spread a comfortable, 4 cm thick mattress on it.

Caddy Tramper – mały podróżnik

The next step are the curtains that should be hung in designated places around the mattress. Thanks to that, we will separate ourselves from the surrounding. For an additional charge we can opt for the version with electrically opening skylight that will allow us to watch the stars at night and... let the fresh air inside.

Holidays in a tent

The manufacturer took care of a large number of storage compartments of various sizes. Thanks to that, in Tramper, we will find a lot of place for trinkets – those small and those bigger. Under the driver and passenger seats were mounted drawers.

Besides, the equipment also includes two folding chairs and a table, which may be put on the outside of the vehicle, as well as a pretty big tent (2,30 x 2,00 m), unfolded with the use of the opened tailgate.

After closing the tailgate, we can unfold the magnetic roller blinds on it and turn on the halogen lamps (also attached to the tailgate).

The additional equipment may include, among others, a parking heating system and the heating mat on the bed, thanks to what spontaneous trips will be possible even in winter.

In Poland, the cheapest Tramper, equipped with a 1,2-liter TSI engine with 86 HP, costs 62 529 PLN. The car is available with the same palette of engines, as Caddy.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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