Adria Astella

Camping caravans - Adora and Astella for 2014

Adria is preparing for the new season, presenting new versions of the models Adora and Astella. Based on the information revealed so far, we can expect that the changes regard mainly aesthetics, but we may also expect some new interior arrangements.

Adria offers six models of caravans, including the middle class model Adora and the most expensive - Astella. In case of these two models, the specification for the new year is not yet known, but there are pictures available, from which we can find out what changes in the appearance of the two caravans.

Adora and Astella for 2014 are similar both from the outside and inside. According to the latest trend, both models are distinguished by large windows in the front that smoothly overlap up to the roof. The effect is especially attractive in the inside. During the day the big window gives plenty of natural light, while during the night it enables us to make astronomical observations, or simply watch the shooting stars.

Adora with new versions

What can we find in the interior of a changed Adora? Certainly new furniture. In the demonstration model elements in wood color are combined with the colors of cream and white. Besides, hanging cabinets and kitchen drawers have a silver strips, which gives them a character.

The manufacturer increased the amount of light points, but in case of Adora, we can’t talk about their excess. LED lights are, for example, in the panoramic roof window, in the bathroom, as well as above and below the upper cabinets.

The interior isn’t too extravagant, however it was relished with some nice elements, such as glass sink in the bathroom, nice batteries on the bathroom and kitchen sink, or stove with aesthetic and comfortable handles. Besides, in the kitchen equipment of the demonstration model can be found not only a refrigerator, but also an oven and a microwave (integrated in the form of a modern tower).

Two another versions of Astella - Loire and Isonzo - will appear on the market in 2014. Both have large bathrooms located along the width of the back of the caravan. Loire is a small caravan for two persons, while Isonzo have two double beds and a folding door between the two parts of the trailer.

Astella with a greater dose of luxury

"If you thought Astella is a high-class caravan, just wait until the model 2014 appears" – says one of the distributors on his website. Indeed, the pictures don’t dispel the expectations.

Untypical wood pattern on furniture brings to mind a luxury, just like the leather upholstery. The impression of uniqueness is emphasized with white tops and original kitchen area. Large sink seems to be perfectly integrated into the countertop equipped with a modern stove. The whole looks as if each component was designed specifically for this particular caravan.

There’s still one more trinket, which will surprise you - a lamp with shade, sliding on the long arm from under the hanging cabinet, so that it can hang over the table. In such scenery, every breakfast, lunch and dinner must taste uniquely ...

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