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If you want to have a caravan, which will arouse a big sensation on our roads, you should visit Australia for shopping where Jayco have a large dealer network or to USA where caravans are build. European caravans look a bit worse when compared to the Australian camping masterpiece.

Among 8 variants of Silverline, the longest have 9.035 mm (7.750 mm in the interior), and the shortest 8.039 mm (6.760 mm in the interior). But the length isn’t the only thing that matters here.

This caravan makes a big impression with highly placed floor and, therefore, a high ground clearance under it and large wheels (pumped with nitrogen) with necessary alloy wheels. The original appearance is also affected by large tinted windows and a streamlined front. It would be hard to look for something even similar in the offer of European manufacturers.

Slide the wall, turn on the washing machine

The prices of Silverline model start from 78,000 Australian dollars, which equals approximately 53,500 EUR, but let’s take into account that standard equipment of the caravan will be very rich. We can be sure that even without additional charge we’ll get everything we need to travel comfortably.

Inside, we shouldn’t complain about the lack of space. A lot of place results not only from the basic size of the vehicle, but also from the fact that in most variants, a part of the side wall slides outside, thus increasing the space inside. The differences between particular versions of Silverline are quite huge, because sometimes you can pull out the headrest of the bed, and another time the seating area.

Jayco Silverline

Despite the huge differences in the interior layouts, bathroom is always in the back of the caravan and it takes the full width of the vehicle. It’s really spacious, so that it fits not only shower, but a top-loading washing machine, which can contain up to 3 kg of clothes. And it’s a part of the standard equipment!

Luxury in the standard

The interior is kept in a relatively modern, yet luxurious style, as evidenced by leather sofas, wooden furniture fronts and vinyl flooring. Double bed with a width of 149 cm has an orthopedic mattress. The upholstery has been protected by an anti-microbial cover, which protects them against fungus and mold.

The standard equipment may impress. It includes, among others, solar panels on the roof, microwave, and even a roof air conditioning. The caravan obviously has LED lighting. The strip is located under the upper cabinets, and in the roll of outer awning.

Other interesting solutions include placing the spare wheel under the shaft, as well as the ability to slide out the gas cylinders from the external compartment on a convenient tray. Also, from the outside you can have the access to the compartment with shelves, placed almost on the entire height of the caravan.

Silverline is equipped with the electronic stabilization control Al-Ko, that is the equivalent of a car ESP system. The suspension from JTech had undergone over a 2-year program of research, including tests in difficult road conditions before they were applied in Jayco caravans. Therefore, we can be sure that Silverline is not only interesting, but also a durable caravan.

Translation: Karolina Strzałkowska

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