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Camping with air conditioning

Today, as more and more vehicles have an air conditioning, it seems pretty obvious that also a caravan should have one. But what if the caravan is not equipped with such a device?

Nothing lost. The air conditioning system can be easily purchased and installed in most caravans and campers. Usually, we will pay about 5-6 thousands PLN for an air-conditioner. The owners of "aged" caravans will carefully consider whether it’s worth buying, nonetheless the comfort which this device will provide during hot days seems worth this single, larger expense.

The basic division of air conditioners is related to the place of its installation. We can choose between rooftop floor standing air conditioners.

Rooftop air conditioners

The advantage of the cooling system which is mounted in the roof is for sure the fact, that the air in a natural way will fill the entire caravan. The air descends from the top down, quickly lowering the temperature of the interior.

What’s important, some of the campers and caravans are adapted to the installation of the rooftop air conditioning system. A typical air conditioner mounted to the standard cut-out in the roof (40 x 40 cm) should use approximately 900 W, at the same time showing a cooling capacity of 2 kW.

The biggest drawback of these devices is the load of the roof and, what's involved with that, raising the center of gravity of the whole vehicle. A high placed air conditioner, weighing 20-40 kg, can both worsen driving the caravan and increase fuel consumption. Such air conditioner can also make a loud noise, which can be problematic to your neighbors at the campsite.

Floor air conditioning

In some ways, the floor air conditioner can be a better solution. The advantage can be for example the center of gravity, located in the lower part of the caravan, and lack of the necessity to loading the roof. Additionally, some devices have been equipped with soundproof casing, which should solve the noise problem.

These devices are connected to the pipes that can be inserted anywhere in the trailer. But regardless of where we mount the wires, more effective cooling of the interior may require more intensive operation of the device, and thus a higher consumption of electricity. The air must flow from the bottom (eg, from the air conditioner mounted under the sofa) up.

Another drawback is associated with the loss of space for luggage.

Do it yourself

Some owners of caravans and campers, especially those with a bent for “do-it-yourself”, use another solution. It involves the installation of a portable air conditioner in the vehicle. It can be placed eg. in one of the cabinets, but you have to cut out a hole for a cool air outlet and the control panel.

More experienced handymen can try the split solution, which have a separate compressor with a condenser placed outside the vehicle and internal evaporator mounted inside.

Such set will be much cheaper than buying a professional air conditioning system - an inexpensive split air conditioner may cost around 1-2 thousand PLN. Apart from the price, the advantage of this type of equipment is usually their quiet operation.

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