Adria Action

Caravan Adria Action - original and convenient

Can an originally looking, not too big caravan be practical and comfortable at the same time? Adria shows that yes. Model Action has an interesting exterior, but inside can also surprise.

Adria Action is a proposal for those, who got bored with typical caravans, sometimes even hard to distinguish one from another. Protruding back or teardrop shape of windows is a characteristic feature of this model. However, it often happens that because of original look, there’s a lot of inconveniences inside.

Luckily, it didn’t happen here. In tests comparing small caravans, Adria Action gets quite good results – its equipment resembles that of high-end caravans and the interior layout is well-considered.

Construction without plywood

Customers can choose between two versions – 361 PD and 361 LH. Both have the same dimensions. The length amounts 5,194 mm (4,010 inside), while the width – 2,196 mm. Compared with its competitors, the interior height is also impressive – it amounts 1,950 mm.

What’s important, the whole caravan was made of plastics, which equals a good tightness of the body and light weight. The weight of the vehicle which is ready to drive amounts 864 kg in model PD and 824 kg in version LH. The maximum permissible gross weight amounts 1000 kg, but can be increased to 1100kg. Action is equipped in Al-Ko chassis with track stabilization system (AKS).

Fixed or free arrangement

Interior layouts differ from each other quite significantly. In the model PD, when entering the caravan we get straight into seating area with a table and sofas. On the right side from the entrance there’s a kitchen and in front of it – a bathroom. Later there’s a double bed.

In LH model, the kitchen is located on the left side from the entrance, while in front of it – the bathroom. On the right side there’s a spacious living room, which can be converted into a large bed for three people.

The practical difference is, however, that in PD we don’t have to convert anything, but we get one small dining area and smaller bed. In LH the comfort may be bigger, but you have to convert a dining area into a sleeping area and otherwise.

Inside, we’ll appreciate a nice coloristic and modern design. For example, navy blue upholstery composes very well with cabinets in lightwood color with chrome elements. Another advantage of Adria is the gas stove with convenient handles.

The caravan has a lot of compartments both inside and those accessible from the outside. It’s funny, because when we open the doors of one of them, we’ll see the head of a person lying on the bed. During hot days, such “ventilation” can be very practical, though.

Taking into account the dimensions of this caravan, the bathroom with shower and washbasin turn out to be spacious enough. The whole caravan is facilitated with LED strips, which serve not only as a lightning, but can help in creating a nice, romantic atmosphere.

The equipment includes, among others, 90 liter fridge, 50 liter container for fresh water, as well as “central sewage output”. Container for wastewater needs a surcharge, just like the heating. Nonetheless, the standard equipment includes radio with CD player, TV output, there’re also 230V outlets.

Basic price in Germany amounts approximately 12,700 EUR.

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2019.03.27 11:56
Are the setters long enough to be used as single beds in the action
2014.09.03 15:59
we also have seen it :)
2014.09.03 12:51
Great caravan. I saw it in Dusseldorf.